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Imagination Makes Area Stage’s Wizard Of Oz For Adults & Kids

Hearing that Area Stage Company is mounting The Wizard of Oz might make childless theatergoers pass. It would be their loss. Director Giancarlo Rodaz, his inexhaustible cast and creative crew have constructed a charming, witty and entertaining riff whose sterling quality is how they resourcefully solve staging problems that otherwise would require a far bigger budget.

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Follow Yellow Brick Road To Oz As It Takes Best From Film, Adds Webber’s Ingredients

There may be a lack of originality in this The Wizard of Oz with additional songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but how can one top perfection? This is more of a wink to the marvelous magic of the original with some of its own ingredients tossed in. All in all, there’s plenty of reason to be off to see the Wizard.

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