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The Kids Attending The School of Rock Kick Out The Jams

For a show whose strengths are its celebration of nose-thumbing non-conformity and anarchic scenes of unrestrained thrash metal music, School of Rock is a surprisingly conventional musical that mechanically ticks off all the check marks in theater’s dramaturgical by-the-numbers playbook.

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Love Never Dies: This Phantom Sequel Is More Of A Soap Opera, But Webber’s Music Still Soars

Love Never Dies is a sequel if not the equal to Phantom of the Opera from Broadway Across America at the Broward Center, but Andrew Lloyd Webber’s attempt for lightning to strike twice, while inherently flawed, is undeniably a lush, gloriously passionate and entertaining exercise that is exactly what it wants to be.

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Report From New York: Nose-Thumbing School Of Rock Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Silly, stupoid and surprisingly successful, the Broadway musical spin on School of Rock works fine without Jack Black — a good sign for the national tour.

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Don’t Cry For This Vibrant Evita Revival At Broward Stage Door

A supremely confident and corrupt demagogue whips up the sheep in a populist uprising targeting a change in the government status quo. While that sounds like the latest CNN report, it’s actually Evita at Broward Stage Door which lands more effectively than any recent offering at the Margate theater.

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The Phantom Rises Again In Retooled Edition, Still Lush And Lovely If Missing Something

For all the derision and adoration that the basic material has engendered over 28 years, the thoroughly-retooled The Phantom of the Opera gliding over a fog-shrouded lake into the Broward Center remains a sturdy craft buoyed by a soaring muscular score delivered by a talented crew.

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How South Florida Musicians Fuse In One Day To Play In Broadway Tour Pit Bands

Shadowing the 18-hour day when local musicians are first thrown together to rehearse and play opening night of the Miami visit of the national tour of Evita — a job requiring skill, stamina, concentration and discipline to sound as if they have played it together for months.

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Follow Yellow Brick Road To Oz As It Takes Best From Film, Adds Webber’s Ingredients

There may be a lack of originality in this The Wizard of Oz with additional songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but how can one top perfection? This is more of a wink to the marvelous magic of the original with some of its own ingredients tossed in. All in all, there’s plenty of reason to be off to see the Wizard.

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Theater Shelf: Reviews of New Phantom CD/DVD, New Godspell and Cleopatra the Ballet

Theater Shelf, a recurring feature by our reviewer Brad Hathaway, reviews recently-released books, CDs and DVDs of interest to theater lovers. This week: the new Phantom of the Opera CD/DVD, Cleopatra and the new Godspell

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Joseph’s Return Visit (Again) Benefits from Imaginative, Irreverent Tone At Playhouse

Frequent theatergoers approach productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with fatigue. So it’s heartening to report that the latest edition by Actors Playhouse is a playful and imaginative riff that will entertain audiences who haven’t seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical in a while

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Maltz’s Joseph is Lavish, Energetic and Winning

By Bill Hirschman The Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s almost profligately lush, unflaggingly energetic and totally  winning edition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will thankfully make you forget any of the dozen high school, church or amateur productions that may …

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