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  • Stunning Sound From The Stage In FGO’s Orfeo ed Euridice

    The sound coming from the Arsht Center stage is almost unearthly and totally unexpected unless you’ve seen the opera Orfeo ed Euridice or heard the unique sound of a counter-tenor before. The voice that ascends to the heavens emanates from a slight of stature man, but if you close your eyes, his high liquid tremelo could just as easily be coming from a female mezzo-soprano.

  • Riverside’s Gypsy Offers Everything Fans Want

    Riverside Theatre gathers its significant resources and sure-footed confidence to mount one of the greatest American musicals ever, Gypsy. Indeed, this is a big, brawny show steeped in legend; and Riverside has the muscle to produce it.

  • More Than One Kind of Miracle: The Wick’s Lovely Brigadoon

    Graced with a soaring pulsing score, leading actors with passionate voices and a wealth of evocative choreography, the Wick Theatre’s Brigadoon lands as one of the company’s most memorable achievements.

  • Dancing Lessons Teaches More About Life Than Fancy Steps

    Dancing Lessons is punctuated with interpersonal strife, frustration, heartache and some very funny moments. But mostly Zoetic Stage’s production is a warm quiet sustained smile for a warm quiet early spring night.

  • Unabashedly Romantic South Pacific Sets Sail At The Maltz

    The Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s nearly flawless production with a gloriously delivered score and nuanced script is a reminder that South Pacific is a contender as one of the most affecting and best constructed examples of the genre.

  • ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’ Is… Well, You Can Get It If You Try

    Often critics start their reviews with some analysis of the life lessons that a theatrical work contains. Not this time. The deep inner meaning of Broward Stage Door’s peppy perky production of Nice Work If You Can Get It is unabashedly “let’s have fun.”

  • Raucous ‘Women In Assembly’ Reflects An Unique Vision

    Thinking Cap’s world premiere, Women In Assembly, is a satirical comedy credited to Aristophanes but transmuted into a bawdy irreverent satire about Greek women taking over government and reshaping it to their saner philosophies. It’s awash in inventive staging and the cast’s energy, but the riffs go on long after the underlying point is made.

  • Curtain Call’s Kindertransport Is A Journey To Buried Secrets

    Kindertransport from Curtain Call Playhouse only uses the 1939 exodus of Jewish children from Germany as a starting point as it focuses on much more sophisticated questions about assimilation versus heritage, survivors’ guilt, mother-daughter relationships and what constitutes identity.