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  • Girlfriend, Let’s Talk: Five Women Wearing The Same Dress

    Let’s talk about sex, drugs and relationships. Let’s dish about thoughtless cruel men we’ve known, love and loneliness, fears that hold us back and strengths that can empower us. Such is the core of the raucous, ribald and irreverent celebration of sisterhood embodied in Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, at Main Street Players in Miami Lakes.

  • Empire’s Aunt Jack Challenges Pigeonholeing Sexualities

    Aunt Jack, S.P. Monahan’s world premiere play at Empire Stage, rejects pigeonholing sexuality with a single label or category. Sexual identity is what you choose it to be and Monahan champions paradigms that cannot be categorized by initials.

  • Neil Sedaka’s Breaking Up At Stage Door Is Full Of Laughter

    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do — which hangs a plot or two around 18 of the songs by 1960s pop icon Neil Sedaka, is the perfect swan song to close this chapter of the Broward Stage Door as it gets ready for its new home.

  • Dramaworks Explores Enduring Relevance of a Plains Populist

    Woody Guthrie’s American Song is most decidedly a people’s musical, at least in its vivifying production at Palm Beach Dramaworks is more of a communal hoedown with Guthrie’s music as the soundtrack. Even the songs about poverty, death and hard living hide notes of hope, if we can only come together to find them.

  • The Big D Is Touching, Rowdy World-Premiere At The Abyss

    For all the raunchy scenes in Michael Mizerany’s new play The Big D, the message at the weepy comedy-drama’s heart is serious and sincere. Sure, the characters engage in hard-core, unabashed horseplay and sex. Indeed, there’s a primitive, intense physicality. But this much is certain: The couple in Mizerany’s touching play with pathos and humor literally love each other to death.

  • StageBill Blog: Shows I Wish Someone Would Produce Here & Some Casting Ideas UPDATED

    In looking over my huge collection of play scripts, I kept coming across shows I either have seen and am anxious to see undertaken by a local company, or titles I’ve read but never seen – and really want to. When I hit the lottery, the Florida Theater On Stage Players will undertake them all. We already daydream about some local professionals we’d cast.

  • Slow Burn’s Rock Of Ages Isn’t Your Grandma’s Musical

    If there’s any way to get folks to the theater who don’t usually go, Slow Burn’s Rock of Ages can do it. Director/choreographer Patrick Fitzwater knows exactly how to squeeze every inch of character out of this cheesy, goo fest of a jukebox musical to entertain aforementioned non-theater types, who can’t wait to re-live the glory days of the 1980s, of which the soundtrack of the show relies.

  • New City Players Paint Perfect Work Of ‘Art’ At Vanguard

    In the lovely confines of The Vanguard, Yasmin Reza’s modern classic Art comes to life in New City Players’ finely curated production.