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Humanity Struggles To Cope With Disaster in Tsunami

What is endlessly worth examining and celebrating is how human beings cope with tragedy and what that says about who we are, what we are capable of and some insightful guidance on how our souls can survive as well as our bodies. These are among the themes of Tsunami, the world premiere by Nilo Cruz and Michiko Kitayama Skinner, a moving work of glorious theatricality t.

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Emotional Ravages, Changing Attitudes To Homosexuality In GableStage’s Mothers And Sons

GableStage’s production of Terrence McNally’s script Mothers And Sons surpasses the Broadway premiere by depicting close-up the devastating pain when deep emotional wounds inflicted decades earlier are ripped open again. And it depicts the process of rending apart the psychic scab in unforgiving real time.

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Juan C. Sanchez’s Disturbing Collection Of Playlets Is Anything But Paradise

Juan C. Sanchez’s Paradise Motel begins in the clouds and ends in the sewer. Charting five decades in the devolution of a fictional motel on Calle Ocho—and the parade of lovers, hustlers, sharks and addicts that have occupied its rooms—this collection of seven playlets presents an uncompromising vision of urban decay that will ring wincingly true for its Miami audience

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