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A New Company, Loxen, Bows Little Shop Of Horrors In Miami

It’s always commendable to have new theaters with emerging talent start in South Florida, especially when the goal is to feature local performers. Loxen Productions shows potential with its fourth production, Little Shop of Horrors, performed in its permanent home, the ARTime Theater in Miami.

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Slow Burn and Seymour Feed Audrey II One More Time

Don’t feed the plants! Once again, nebbishy Seymour just won’t listen, so we get another evening of wackiness in Slow Burn Theatre’s edition of Little Shop of Horrors.

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MNM’s Witty Little Shop of Horrors Is Open For Business

When entering a theater playing a musical you’ve enjoyed numerous times, it’s comforting to open the playbill to find the names of proven talents that reassure that you and the material are in good hands. Names, for instance, like Mike Westrich, Bruce Linser, Mallory Newbrough, Paul Reekie and Jim Ballard – some of the dependable hands delivering a solid entertaining edition of the delightful Little Shop of Horrors from MNM Productions.

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Go Ahead, Feed The Plants: Slow Burn’s Fine Farewell To Boca

Okay, everybody dies and the world is taken over by human-eating aliens, but Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Little Shop of Horrors delivers a happy ending to its five-year partnership with West Boca Community High School.

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