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The Meaning Of Life’s A Joke In Evening Star’s Waiting For Godot

In Waiting For Godot, that classic of the Theater of the Absurd, nothing is more absurd than Man’s insistent search for some meaning in life. In Evening Star Productions’ courageous run at this Everest of a play, their response is broad comedy suffused into the intentionally pointless and protracted slog that is Beckett’s brilliant but unsettling manifesto of existentialism.

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Mad Cat’s Tones For Tales Dives Deep Into Bleak Beckett Land

The Mad Cat Theatre Company, which prides itself on experimenting with non-mainstream offerings, has collected three short Samuel Beckett plays under the umbrella title, Tones On Tales. Some people will find this evocative, highly-stylized pieces mesmerizing; others will run screaming for the exit.

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