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Report From New York: Revival Of Shepard’s Fool For Love Is Tightly-Coiled Intimate Evening

A low-rent motel room on the edge of the Mojave Desert has never been more claustrophobic—nor more intense—than the shabby one in which three people collide against each other in Sam Shepard’s 1983 Fool for Love, getting a superb revival by the Manhattan Theatre Club at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

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SoFla Theatre League Announces Remy Award Recipients At Dec. 7 Gala

Nine people who have changed the face of South Florida culture will receive the South Florida Theatre League’s Remy Awards at the League’s annual holiday celebration on December 7 in Fort Lauderdale – the same event during which the Silver …

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Westfall’s Intriguing Premiere ‘Two Weekends and a Day’ Has Promise But Needs More Work

Susan J. Westfall’s Two Weekends and a Day at New Theatre is a classic example of a world premiere that has admirable virtues worth exploring further, but a serious need for more re-tooling.

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Enthralling ‘Constellations’ Explores Infinite Multi-Verse

Like a spinning gem with an infinite number of glittering facets, GableStage’s kaleidoscopic production of Constellations is an outstanding achievement in playwriting, direction and some of the most skilled acting you may see this season.

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Thinking Cap’s Wilde Ride Takes ‘Earnest’ To A 1978 Disco Ball

Thinking Cap Theatre sets The Importance of Being Earnest in a madcap lampoon of New York City’s disco era. The urbane and farcical elements are irreconcilably at war, but each facet – one of the funniest literate scripts ever written and a zany hoot of a production – is so strong on its own merits that the result is a mostly satisfying gigglefest worth the investment.

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Report From New York: Estefans’ ‘On You Feet’ Is Electric Meld Of Cuban-American Joy & Pride

Start the clock, Florida. The moment tickets go on sale for the national tour of On Your Feet!, get on line. In fact, if you’re planning to be anywhere near the Big Apple, shell out the ducats. Because if the exhilarating musical version of the lives of Emilio and Gloria Estefan is enchanting Broadway audiences, South Florida audiences will be enraptured.

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FGO’s The Barber of Seville Suffused With Comedy

Even the Bugs Bunny The Barber of Seville (which gets a subtle nod in Florida Grand Opera’s new outing) never featured the tenor and baritone-bass dueling with a plumber’s plunger and a toilet bowl brush.

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Formulaic Newsies Still Enchants With Joyous Dancing

It’s fortunate that Newsies is a dance-centric musical because much of the lyrics and dialogue were nearly impossible to understand in the national tour visiting the Arsht Center from Broadway Across America. But that dancing is spectacular and well-worth seeing.

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Dogfight Features Talented Cast, But A Problematic Script

By Hap Erstein In the same way that Slow Burn Theatre Company’s artistic director Patrick Fitzwater has a good eye for spotting performance talent, he also is savvy at identifying worthy new composers and lyricists. Sometimes, however, his ability to …

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Despite Snazzy Tech Design, Political Satire Angry Fags Wanders Off-Message

Immersive technology goes a long way in elevating Topher Payne’s Angry Fags at Island City Stage, but the play still suffers from elephantine pacing and a sense of crippling logorrhea. Yet there is a modicum of brilliance awaiting patient audiences.

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