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Minor Quibbles Aside, Success Still In The Cards For Gin Game

More so than the play’s sudden violence or its firecracker bursts of profanity, it’s The Gin Game’s references to nursing homes as God’s waiting rooms that stick with you in Evening Star’s production.

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Florida Grand Opera Dives Into Georges Bizet’s Pearl Fishers

The audience is not likely to be emotionally transported by the Florida Grand Opera’s production of Georges Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers, but the skills of the principal singers exuding unusually convincing passion make the evening worth a visit

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Uplifting Man Of La Mancha Sallies Forth At The Wick

We’re still in the height of the theatrical season with many productions opening during the next two weeks. To find reviews of all the current productions, click on the “Reviews” tab in white letters in the teal bar in the …

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The Seven Year Itch at Miami Theater Center – Lessons from the Critics: An Op-Ed Piece

An Opinion Piece By Spencer Stewart. Mr. Stewart has objected to many aspects of our review of Miami Theater Center’s production of The Seven Year Itch and has views about the value of criticism in general. We felt that the in our commitment to dialogue, we should publish with his permission his thoughts verbatim

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Scott Shiller To Leave Arsht To Be Denver Center CEO And Prez

Scott Shiller, who transformed the Arsht Center into a catalyst developing local artists as well as widening the array of visiting attractions, is leaving at the end of April to head the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

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Powerful Motown The Musical Burns Down the House

They had me from hello, or at least from the wailing wall of distinctive sound given unprecedented power in the opening bars of Motown the Musical. It erupted like molten lava from the pit at the Broward Center: driving percussion, ripped out bass line, brassy horns, warbling guitars, muscular strings.

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Outre Theatre Company & Kravis On Bway Name Next Seasons

The wide range of theater available in South Florida – from Matilda to Medea — was underscored Monday with the announcements of 2015-2016 seasons for two very different but ambitious groups: Outré Theatre Company which is moving to Broward County and Kravis on Broadway, the national touring series curated locally.

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Don’t Scratch This Itch At MTC

We want theaters to take chances and Miami Theater Center has bravely invested its artistic vision into classics like Three Sisters. But MTC has missed the target so badly in its misbegotten revival of the 1952 sex comedy The Seven Year Itch that you only thing you want to scratch is your head.

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Motown The Musical Drives The Fans To Talk About Memories

As the conductor of the pit orchestra at the national tour of Motown the Musical, Darryl Archibald is the person most accessible to the revved-up audience in the white hot afterglow of fans staying in the house after the last note has been played. He expects the same when it comes to the Broward Center through March 8.

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Dramaworks Reveals Next Summer’s Concerts And 2015-2016 Season

Palm Beach Dramaworks unveiled its 2015-2016 slate as well as its upcoming summer concert series, a meld of classic theater that few other companies undertake as well as acclaimed works from the past few decades, plus one recent New York hit, all sharing the idea of “theater to think about.”

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