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Report From New York: ‘It’s Only A Play’ High And Inside Baseball

Inside baseball describes the wry and witty It’s Only A Play, if you’re one of us who can name all six shows that earned Tony nominations for Kelli O’Hara. But if you’re one of the tens of millions who can’t, you aren’t going to get a tenth of the potential pleasure out of this overhauled, updated revival of Terrence McNally’s 1982 paean to the glorious narcissistic and divine misfits who populate theater.

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Report From New York: Visit “Other Desert Cities”

Playwright Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities takes that staple, the dysfunctional family drama, and amps up the thematic value by linking the group’s shortcomings to the social-political landscape of the past few decades. With a scientist’s observation and a cleric’s compassion, Baitz dissects the same elements of ethics, truth, family and loyalty as Arthur Miller did in All My Sons.

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