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Maltz’s Other Desert Cities Struggles In Arid First Half But Delivers Wrenching Second Act

All through the engrossing and ultimately wrenching second act of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of Other Desert Cities, one question screamed for an answer: Where were you people in the first act? The competent cast slogs through the exposition until they finally get create plausible characters in the second act.

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Other Desert Cities’ Harrowing Examination Of Familial Love

Jon Robin Baitz’s finely-crafted play asks whether there is such a thing as unconditional love in Actors Playhouse’s rock solid production of last season’s Broadway triumph which surgically peels away the Wyeth family’s layers of lies and fragile accommodations that allow humans to interact after perceived betrayals.

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Report From New York: Visit “Other Desert Cities”

Playwright Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities takes that staple, the dysfunctional family drama, and amps up the thematic value by linking the group’s shortcomings to the social-political landscape of the past few decades. With a scientist’s observation and a cleric’s compassion, Baitz dissects the same elements of ethics, truth, family and loyalty as Arthur Miller did in All My Sons.

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Jerry Visits Dolly, New Theatre Goes Cruz-ing, Playhouse To Visit Other Desert Cities

Hello Jerry You’d think he’d have seen it enough times, but Jerry Herman, the composer-lyricist of Hello, Dolly!, dropped in on last Friday’s performance of his best-known work at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre. Herman, a University of Miami grad and …

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