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Slow Burn’s Avenue Q Has Actors Talking To Their Hands

Backstage at rehearsals for this weekend’s opening of Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Avenue Q, it was not unusual to find actors offstage talking to their puppets. Michael Westrich, who portrays college graduate Princeton, said it goes farther than that. “Sometimes we’re backstage having a conversation and we find the puppets are talking.”

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Island City Stage ‘s 20th Century Way Is Dizzying Swirl Of Ideas

Island City Stage’s The Twentieth Century Way is an intellectual theater game worthy of Pirandello or Stoppard in which facets swirl at such a dizzying speed that individual ideas become too blurry to discern.All you can do is admire the chameleonic agility of the actors, the dexterity of the playwright and watch a particle of light careen around the mirrored facets inside a gem, unable to track what is happening more than fleeting seconds.

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StageBill Blog: It’s Not All Darkness Out There

As the music swelled Monday at Outré Theatre Company’s concert production of tick…tick…BOOM!, a thought kept interfering with my becoming completely lost in Jonathan Larson’s chamber musical. There’s hope.

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