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MNM Theatre Co. Hosts A Welcome Return to Avenue Q

MNM Theatre ’s Avenue Q, the musical comedy with foul-mouthed and copulating puppets, has never been as clearly about education as now. It’s the curriculum about coping with disappointment waiting in the real world.
The drolly hilarious Avenue Q, being given a “fine, fine” outing by MNM, is also imbued with a quiet sadness and accompanying sympathy for the loss of hopeful naiveté.

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Slow Burn Takes A Welcome Return Trip Home To Avenue Q

Thomas Wolfe warned that you can’t go home again, but Slow Burn Theatre Company’s revival of its 2012 production of Avenue Q is a welcome and joyful return to the neighborhood and the ol’ gang.

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Slow Burn’s Avenue Q Is An Irreverent And Joyous Winner

Life isn’t fair. That’s one of the bittersweet themes in Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Avenue Q. But what’s really unfair is that there’s only five performances left and unless you hustle this weekend or next, you might miss it. Once again, the little theater with a below-modest budget and full-scale ambitions has simply nailed another production, this time delivering a raunchy, irreverent and joyous opener to their fourth season in way west Boca Raton.

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Slow Burn’s Avenue Q Has Actors Talking To Their Hands

Backstage at rehearsals for this weekend’s opening of Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Avenue Q, it was not unusual to find actors offstage talking to their puppets. Michael Westrich, who portrays college graduate Princeton, said it goes farther than that. “Sometimes we’re backstage having a conversation and we find the puppets are talking.”

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Island City (nee Rising Action) and Naked Stage Resurface, Arts Garage Mounts Musical

After an unnerving series of losses, several low-key announcements provide some encouraging news this week for the South Florida theater scene: Rising Action Theatre has succeeded in resurrecting itself as Island City Theatre with a production scheduled for August and hopes for another in the late fall. Naked Stage, which has been in hiatus for nearly a year and half, is preparing shows for July and next winter.

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Andrews’ Avenue Q Badly Flawed But Material Still Funny

Just how strong are the songs and jokes in the Tony-winning musical Avenue Q? So sturdy that even with shaky voices, so-so acting and laugh-killing scenery changes, the enthusiastic and earnest cast at Andrews Living Arts Studio nearly pulled off the sassy satire of urban life. Nearly.

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