New Theatre Stages 16 Short Plays In Miami 1-Acts Festival

By Bill Hirschman

Those who think South Florida theater is slowing down this summer aren’t paying attention.  We’re awash in play readings, concert versions of musicals, summer festivals and other theatrical events.

While some people may be broiling in the sun this holiday weekend, New Theatre is offering a cooler alternative with its inexpensive fund-raising program:  its summer edition of the Miami 1-Acts Festival (M1A).

These stagings of 16 one-act plays, mostly by local playwrights and writers whose works have  appeared before at New Theatre, are in two different programs Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the possibility of seeing both on Sunday. The productions involve the talents of 75 volunteers.

The plays, which are 10 to 15 minutes long,  have a minimal production values but they are full performances, not readings. Shows will be held at The Roxy Performing Arts Center, 1645 SW 107th Avenue in Miami.

Program A (playing 8 p.m. Friday and 5:30 p.m. Sunday)
Chapter 1. The Adventure Begins by Frannie Nejako, Directed by Kenya Moore
A Kiss Between Friends by Brian Cohen, Directed by Jerry K. Jensen
He Always Cheats by Juan C. Sanchez, Directed by Will Cabrera
Power Of Laughter by Ruben R. Diaz, Directed by Ricky J. Martinez
Make Up Sex by Will Cabrera, Directed by Francisco Martinez
Ask Me Anything by Philip Middleton Williams, Directed by Bill Roudebush
Ben’s Key by Ken Kurtz, Directed by David Victor
Life Imitates Art by Michael Leeds & Marj O’Neil Butler, Directed by Stephanie Sandoval

Program B: (8 p.m. Saturday and 1 p.m.  Sunday)
Full Circle by Catherine Bush, Directed by Wayne G. Robinson
75 Cents by David Victor, Directed by Steven A. Chambers
MIA: Westchester by Renier J. Murillo, Directed by Kimberly Polewski
Northbound and Down by Todd Caster, Directed by Ruben R. Diaz
Priceless by David Caudle, Directed by Stephen S. Neal
Interview by Jonathan Rose, Directed by Stephanie Rodriguez
Stand Down by Ricky J. Martinez, Directed by Eileen Suarez
La Migra Taco Truck by Raquel Almazan, Directed by Mimi Davila

Cast members include Chris Alfonso, Melissa Almaguer, Harold Clinton Archambault, Curtis Belz, Hayley Bruce, Javier Cabrera, Will Cabrera, Hannah Citrin, Sonia Cordoves, Rich Denis, Jerrod Everett, Samantha Gonzalez, Jordan Hale, Lucas Hood, Glenn Hutchinson, Jerry K. Jensen, Joel Kolker, James Lanners, Noah Levine, Michael Leyte-Vidal, Ivan Lopez, Marlene Marcos, Joanne Marsic, Francisco Martinez, Stephen McIntyre, Anthony Mediavilla, Bryan Montoya, Ann Marie Olson, Evelyn Perez, Sara Perry, Adrian Quintero, Rosie Ramos, Xander Rey, Lory Reyes, Rafael Rincones, Arturo Sierra, Alisha Todd, Freddy Valles, Vania Vieta, Jessica Marion Welch and R. Kent Wilson.

Tickets are $10, although additional contributions are welcomed. Happy Hour with beer and sangria will begin one hour prior to curtain.

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