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Report From New York: Oslo Peeks Behind The Scenes Of Diplomacy And Politics

In this dispiriting time of eroding international relations, the incisive play Oslo is both hearteningly optimistic and existentially pessimistic about human beings’ ability to negotiate and compromise past their differences to accords that improve life as we know it.

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Lush, Lovely And Topical ‘The King And I’ Swirls Into The Arsht

Damaged by yet another homogenized film version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s work, few think of The King and I as a piece deeply focused on incipient feminism, international politics and the challenge of leadership. But the national tour at the Arsht Center of the Lincoln Center revival underscores how prescient this was when it was written in 1951.

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Report From New York: The Bridges Of Madison County Is Surprisingly Lovely, Not Syrupy

Tone is the secret behind the tragically soon-to-close Broadway production of Jason Robert Brown’s lovely, heartfelt and thought-filled musical, The Bridges of Madison County. The theatrical reimagining of the raw material strikes a tone of compassion and complexity that is virtually alien to the Harlequin romance/Lifetime Movie of the Week sensibility of the novel and the film.

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