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Slow Burn Theatre Company’s production of Sister Act Hits all the Right Notes

Sister Act is a crowd-pleaser that loosely follows the story of the film which served as a vehicle for comedienne Whoopi Goldberg. Slow Burn Theatre Company’s production rises above the typical formulaic over-the-top musical comedy presentation with nuanced direction, stellar acting, and rousing music that lifts even the gloomiest disposition.

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Misfit Nerds Spell ‘Winning” In MNM’s Putnam Spelling Bee

That every hero and heroine in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a misfit we secretly recognize from the bathroom mirror explains how this musical has thrived 17 years. Add to successful productions, MNM Theatre Company’s accumulation of youngsters trying to find their self-worth amid the high-pressure competition of the bee finals.

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