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The Wick Theatre’s Singin’ in the Rain Has a Familiar Patter

The Wick’s Singin’ in the Rain, for all of its talent and technical achievements and good cheer, offers too few reasons to experience the stage version of the definitive MGM movie musical on its own merits. It’s such a studied, careful, conservative Xeroxing of the movie that it only occasionally gives way to the woollier possibilities of the stage experience.

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Maltz’s Singin’ In The Rain Sure Dances Up A Storm, But It Doesn’t Touch The Soul

Assuredly, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s Singin’ In the Rain is a pleasant, skillfully executed, beautifully produced evening of cotton candy entertainment. The asterisk is that this Singin’ In The Rain has no soul. It’s a funny, diverting, two-dimensional cartoon.

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