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Passable Dial M For Murder Doesn’t Quite Ring Any Bells

The classic 1952 crime play Dial M For Murder is a brilliantly-designed timepiece of plotting and dramatic construction. Unfortunately, Broward Stage Door’s barely serviceable production of this supposed thriller lacks much sizzle or suspense.

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A Memorable “The Fantasticks” At Broward Stage Door

The crucial test for whether a production of The Fantasticks truly succeeds, as Broward Stage Door’s does, is the last few minutes. If it’s been a little while since you saw the show live and yearn to try to remember, this will do very nicely.

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The Last Romance At Stage Door Twinkles With Realism

Broward Stage Door Theatre has mounted a warmly delightful production of Joe Di Pietro’s The Last Romance, a bittersweet play about love, loss and loneliness and how the twilight years hold out that last hope for the shimmer, twinkle and spark of love’s first bliss.

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One More Trip Over The River At Stage Door Remains Warm And Funny Just Not As Vibrant

After nearly two decades of South Florida productions, the hilarious and poignant Over The River And Through The Woods has lost a bit of its power in this perfectly workmanlike and mildly affecting edition by Broward Stage Door. This trip to grandmother’s house may not be as vibrant as the one in your memory, but it still warms the gut like Aida’s ever-present pan of lasagna.

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1993’s Twilight of the Golds Is Problematic In 2013 But Still Affecting And Unnerving

It’s hard to know what is more upsetting while watching family relationships disintegrate in Jonathan Tolins’ the affecting drama The Twilight of the Golds at Broward Stage Door. Is it that the precious loyalties might disintegrate at all or the disturbing reason that they disintegrate?

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Stage Door’s 46th Revival Of Beau Jest Remains Funny

There’s a reason, as seen in Broward Stage Door’s revival, that Beau Jest has survived for so long. . Despite a sentimental mechanical finale and humor so vaudevillian you can hear the rim shots, James Sherman’s may be script may be formulaic but it’s also truly funny, especially when enhanced by the skills of star Matthew William Chizever and director Michael Leeds.

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