Breaking News: Caldwell 2 Cancels First Show

By Bill Hirschman

The first production of the new Caldwell 2 @ Mizner tentatively set to open a three-week run on Thursday has been cancelled, Clive Cholerton, artistic director of the Caldwell Theatre said Wednesday.

The company had hoped to stage the two-hander drama The Guys, in the second-floor black box theater inside the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center. But project director Kenneth Kay had warned when Caldwell 2 was first announced last month that rights were still being negotiated.

That was where things went awry. Cholerton explained Wednesday, “It was taking longer to work out an agreement for the rights in terms of just doing it as a benefit, and the time was getting too short. We’ll be good to go for a Christmas show.”

Kay said last month, “It is really to pick up on more intimate stories that would get lost on our main stage. In terms of the type of plays, it isn’t more comedic or edgy. We’re looking at it as a place for (stories of a) more personal scope.”

A perfect example would have been The Guys —an emotionally-wrenching two-character drama focuses on a New York City fire captain asking a magazine editor to help him write eulogies for the men he lost in the Twin Towers tragedy.

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