Immersion Theater At The Sandbox At The PlayGround

An unusual theatrical presentation, at least for South Florida, will encourage the audience to walk freely around the performers in The Conquest of the South Pole slated to be performed at The Sandbox, an adjunct to The PlayGround Theatre in Miami Shores, from May 31-June 2 and June 8-9.

The 1986 play aimed at adults by Manfred Karge, a member of Brecht’s Berliner Ensemble, is described as “Four unemployed youths have lost themselves in a malaise of partying, Pabst, and pinball. Plagued by recession and the loss of purpose that accompanies long-term unemployment, this crew of drunks and punks decides to stage their own revolution; a reenactment of Ronald Amundsen’s treacherous 1911 expedition to the South Pole. Unable to face life, unwilling to accept death, will their imaginary adventure be enough to save them?” The play is direct by Stephen Elliot Kaiser who has acted in some of PlayGround’s productions.

Tickets are by cash at the door, a donation of $10 to $25. For more information, visit or call (305) 751-9550.

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