So Fla Theatre League Announces Remy Awards

Unsung heroes who provide outstanding service behind the scenes in local theater  will receive recognition this year from the South Florida Theatre League’s 2018 Remy Awards.

The awards will be presented Aug. 27 at a fundraiser for the South Florida Theatre League at the Fantasy Theatre Factory at the Sandrell Rivers Theatre, 6103 NW 7th Ave., Miami.

This year’s recipients are:

Playwright and philanthropist Tony Finstrom will receive the Pioneer Award, “bestowed upon individuals who have, over the years, taken the lead and contributed substantially to the health, growth and development of the South Florida theater community,” according to a news release.

Conor Walton and Mark Traverso, whose support across the community has included seminal work for Slow Burn Theatre Company, will receive the Service Award recognizing “invaluable and outstanding contributions made through time, talent, service, and expertise by taking the initiative and actively participating and contributing to the growth and development of the South Florida Theatre League.”

Scott Roberts, former chair of Florida Children’s Theatre, received the Jay Harris Arts Leadership Award honoring “those who have made a substantial contribution to the theatrical community in the ways that (producer and patron) Jay Harris did – through leadership, on-going volunteerism, and financial support.”

Clara Lyzniak, retiring head of the Main Street Players, will receive the Outstanding Board Member award.

Rachel Chin of Storycrafter Studio, will receive the Outstanding Behind the Scenes Contribution award.

Larry Fields, executive artistic director, Fantasy Theatre Factory, will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Theatre award.

Fern Katz, former president and treasurer of ACT of Davie, will receive the Outstanding Contribution to Community Theatre award.

The Remy Awards have been a part of the South Florida Theatre League since its founding in 1994 with the Service Award and the Pioneer Award. In 2014 the Board increased the number of categories to honor the breadth of those whose contributions are often overlooked.

After much debate and research the Board of Directors of the South Florida Theatre League unanimously decided this year not to give the Civic Arts Leadership Award. The news release stated, “This decision reflects the League’s – and the entire Florida Cultural Community’s – concern and dismay regarding the Florida Legislature’s drastic 89% cut to Arts funding in the state.”

The awards ceremony will include a reception, a silent auction and performances by Eytan Deray, Casey Dressler, Sabrina Gore, and Villain Theater.

Tickets for the 2018 Remy Awards event are $10 and available from the Fantasy Theatre Factory website. Https://

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