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Infinite Abyss’ Brave Attempt To Wield Quills Isn’t Sharp Enough

Infinite Abyss, which has produced some solid work like last season’s Extremities, just falls flat this time out with Quills which reeks of amateurism.

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Off-Beat ‘Love And Human Remains’ Fails In Its Ambition

While Infinite Abyss deserves praise for attempting the abysmal script for Love and Human Remains, they simply cannot force this intentionally bizarre journey rife with explicit sex, nudity, blood and emotional violence to seem like anything but a ham-handed amateurish mess.

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A Rocking But Rocky ‘Rocky Horror’ Does The Time Warp Again For Two Companies

Evening Star Productions and Infinite Abyss Productions deliver the 249th South Florida edition of the inarguably hilarious aggressively irreverent hoot. The cast successfully seduces a willing audience that could care less that some people can’t sing, some people can’t act and that the whole thing is somewhat sloppy in execution.

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Harrowing Sexual Assault Opens Infinite Abyss’ Flawed But Troubling Extremities

Infinite Abyss’ courageous production of Extremities opens with one of the most harrowing 15 minutes in theater and ends with a troubling finale. But the challenge is the play in between, an examination of the extent human beings will go for justifiable revenge and the toll that the pursuit wreaks on our humanity.

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Uneven But Unsettling “Bug:” This Is How The World Ends — With A Bang And A Whimper

Evening Star and Infinite Abyss co-produce Tracy Letts’ surreal depiction of spiraling paranoia complete with copious amount of blood in an edition that slogs too slowly too long but ratchets up into an emotional and psychological fireball of horror.

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