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Uneven But Unsettling “Bug:” This Is How The World Ends — With A Bang And A Whimper

Evening Star and Infinite Abyss co-produce Tracy Letts’ surreal depiction of spiraling paranoia complete with copious amount of blood in an edition that slogs too slowly too long but ratchets up into an emotional and psychological fireball of horror.

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News Of Slow Burn, New Theatre And Infinite Abyss

News about a fundraiser for Slow Burn Theatre Company, the semi-annual 1-Acts at New Theatre and the resurrection of Infinite Abyss

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Infinite Abyss Snow White Trash Starts Funny, Then Drifts

The first 15 minutes of Infinite Abyss’ Snow White Trash is a delightfully zany spoof that imaginatively reinterprets the fairy tale as a crass, royal blue hoot in which Disney’s sweet but dimwitted heroine takes refuge with the mullet-headed Dwarf Family living in a trailer park. Unfortunately, after that, there’s another 50 minutes left.

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StageBill Blog: Looking Back At The Year of the Sea Change

In real life, we rarely have the clarity of identifiable watersheds as heroes discover in dramas. But five years from now, you’ll likely look back on the past 12 months and recognize not a turning point, but an unmistakable moment within a slow sea change in South Florida theater.

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Infinite Abyss’ Mitzi’s Abortion Provides Food For Thought On Both Sides

Mitzi’s Abortion probably won’t change anyone’s stance on a woman’s right to choose, but this production is worth seeing.

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