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Color Blind Casting Doesn’t Hamper the New Theatre’s Uneven Henry V

Sipiwe Moyo is a skilled enough actress that being an African American woman became nearly irrelevant to her playing the title role in New Theatre’s production of Henry V. Despite a long list of carps and criticisms, this is a mildly imaginative production that has elements worth seeing, But the entire production, was lacked the rousing charismatic magic essential to drive this narrative.

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Color-blind casting: New Theatre’s Henry V a sign of evolving norms

A black woman playing Henry V at New Theatre this weekend is a sign of evolving norms in South Florida theater as color-blind and gender neutral casting become more common. It’s partly an inescapable by-product of a multi-ethnic acting pool and audience demographics in a region where interracial families and diverse workforces are too common to even be noticed.

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