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Affair In Reverse Provides Thoughtful Fodder In Betrayal

If God is omniscient, He must be inconsolably sad. Zoetic Stage’s superb production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal puts its audience in that poignant and painful position in which Knowledge is, indeed, the poisoned apple in Eden.

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Actors’ Playhouse Outwits Dimwitted Fox on the Fairway

The Fox on the Fairway, plays more like a 1970s sitcom. When any one of the comedy’s exaggerated characters comes bursting through the door (and this happens more than a few times), you expect a canned laugh track to surface.The Fox on the Fairway won’t take the World Cup when it comes to comedy, but it’s a fun romp and summer fare that only requires the audience to be swept away in its lunacy.

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Zoetic Stage’s Funny, Poignant All New People By Zach Braff Scores As One Of Season’s Best

South Florida theater critics have to kiss a lot of comedy frogs before they find a prince, so we’re exhilarated when we discover one as magical as Zoetic Stage’s hilarious and touching All New People. What Zoetic Artistic Director Stuart Meltzer and his quartet of actors do with Zach Braff’s material is masterful in comic timing, narrative pacing, inhabiting characters, line readings, excavating meaning, variety of tone yet unity of approach, you name it.

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Promethean Takes Final Bow “Because It’s Time” — And Lack of Donor Support

In the sense that economics are the root cause, observers might group The Promethean Theatre’s imminent closing with the high profile problems plaguing other South Florida theaters during the past year.

But co-founder Deborah L. Sherman makes a distinction. The eight-year-old theater in Davie is closing in the black, before it owes a dime, and, most important to her, while the quality of its productions allows her colleagues to hold up their heads with pride.

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Zoetic Stage’s Captiva is Incisive Look Inside the American Family

Captiva is a brilliantly observed, finely etched portrait of the familial ties that bind in every sense of the word. It’s also one of the finest works of theater we’ve seen in the strongest 18 months of theater this region has produced in recent memory.

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24-Hour Theatre Project Another Smile, Giggle And A Hoot Drenched With Sex

Laura Hodos as Ifeginia the Rabbit / Photo by Bachi Frost By Bill Hirschman Like a precocious pre-teen who has just discovered sex, the fifth annual 24-Hour Theatre Project was frequently raunchy, silly and drenched with carnal preoccupation. The joyously …

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Rising Action’s As Bees in Honey Drown Not As Sweet As It Should Be

As Bees in Honey Drown, the first Rising Action production under the leadership of new producing director Andy Rogow, is a few cuts above the company’s typical fare, but is not without its own missteps.

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A New Day at Rising Action with Andy Rogow and As Bees In Honey Drown

By Bill Hirschman Supporters of Rising Action Theatre are hoping that its sly moniker will add a triple-entendre of meaning, that of a phoenix rising from, if not ashes, then a troubled past. The gay-centric company in Fort Lauderdale is …

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