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Silver Palms & Theatre League Remy Recipients Announced

Eighteen Silver Palm Awards honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida during the 2011-2012 season will be presented Dec. 3, as well as two Remy Awards from the South Florida Theatre League.

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Promethean’s Swan Song, The Unseen, Is A Hell Of An Exit.

The cruel irony is that The Unseen, the last show before The Promethean Theatre closes its doors forever, is one of the finest productions that the company has mounted in its eight-year history. Craig Wright’s tale depicting two political prisoners tortured in a Kafkaesque dungeon is one of the most incisive explorations of existentialism since Waiting For Godot and No Exit. But the script is elevated to agonizing, visceral life by actors Antonio Amadeo, Andrew Wind and Alex Alvarez, led by the inestimable insight of director Margaret M. Ledford.

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Promethean Takes Final Bow “Because It’s Time” — And Lack of Donor Support

In the sense that economics are the root cause, observers might group The Promethean Theatre’s imminent closing with the high profile problems plaguing other South Florida theaters during the past year.

But co-founder Deborah L. Sherman makes a distinction. The eight-year-old theater in Davie is closing in the black, before it owes a dime, and, most important to her, while the quality of its productions allows her colleagues to hold up their heads with pride.

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Boeing Boeing Marks Long-Term Partnership For Promethean & Nova’s Theater Department

Book-learning and collegiate productions provide theater students the basics of the craft they hope to follow, but The Promethean Theatre is providing Nova Southeastern University students with real world experience that is far more rigorous and revealing than class work.

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Promethean’s Boeing Boeing is a Door-Slamming Chuckle

Boeing Boeing is a 1962 farce with doors that slam, swing, shut slowly, burst open in ones, twos and probably threes. Promethean Theatre and its house director Margaret M. Ledford, benter new territory with an out and out comedy that requires skill and discipline. As proven by the copious laughter in the hall, they acquit themselves well.

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Want To See Something Really Scary?

Okay, maybe your trick or treaters are too young for the dueling productions of The Rocky Horror Picture Show playing at Slowburn Theatre Company and Andrews Living Arts this month. But here’s still Halloween-themed theater for the littlest playgoers courtesy of The Promethean Theatre’s Family Series.

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24-Hour Theatre Project Another Smile, Giggle And A Hoot Drenched With Sex

Laura Hodos as Ifeginia the Rabbit / Photo by Bachi Frost By Bill Hirschman Like a precocious pre-teen who has just discovered sex, the fifth annual 24-Hour Theatre Project was frequently raunchy, silly and drenched with carnal preoccupation. The joyously …

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24-Hour Theatre Project Madness To Benefit Naked Stage and Promethean

The scrappy Naked Stage and Promethean Theatre and about 50 of their friends stage a coffee-fueled marathon jam for a mostly sleepless 24-hour period to produce and present from scratch an evening’s worth of skits, playlets, goofs and hoots. The curtain will rise on the fifth annual edition at 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3, in the Caldwell Theatre Company in Boca Raton.

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Song of the Living Dead at the Promethean Theatre Company is a Gravely Funny Musical

Audience members who aren’t put off by foul language, frequent blood spatters, gross-out moments such as eating dead bodies, extreme irreverence in the religious sense, sophomoric humor, cheesy lyrics married to peppy showtunes are certain to come out of The Promethean Theatre’s Song of the Living Dead satiated with two hours of dumb mindless fun.

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