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Shorts Gone Wild 5 Is Usual Mixed Bag — But With A Twist

Shorts Gone Wild 5, co-produced by City Theatre with Island City Stage, follows the same entertaining pattern eliciting guffaws, chuckles and a few choked back sniffles with risque and luight blue material. The acting and direction keeps improving year after year and those elements rescue scripts less deftly written. But this edition feels different for an intriguing reason.

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Uplifting ‘Flyin’ West Is Powerful History From M Ensemble

Leave it to M Ensemble to teach an audience a bit of Black history in Pearl Cleage’s Flyin’ West , while entertaining the masses.

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M Ensemble Returns Again To Canady’s Brother of the Dust

Blood may be thicker than water, but Brothers of the Dust at M Ensemble asks whether it’s thicker than land or greed or, crucially, dreams. M Ensemble presented this family drama three years ago with the same director and lead, but that familiarity has paid off with a deeper, more assured and more affecting experience for the audience than the first rendition

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Presidential Politics Make Shorts Gone Wild Even Wilder

Political satire is like the finest champagne – delectable at the time but going flat with age. But in the meantime, as Shorts Gone Wild 4 (subtitled Decision 2016: It’s Gonna Be Yuuuuuge!) underscores, what a terrific way to blow off angst over today’s polarized landscape.

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Island City’s Latest Beats Prejudice Into ‘Submission’

Jeff Talbott’s The Submission, enjoying its regional premiere from Island City Stage, is predicated on the realization that “Everyone’s a little bit racist.” It charts the ignition of a racial flashpoint in the theater world over the span of a year, as liberal creative types are forced to confront long-dormant prejudices.

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