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‘The Actors,’ a Plays of Wilton production, makes its Off-Broadway debut

By Oline H. Cogdill NEW YORK CITY—Families start in myriad ways—biological origins, adoptions or forged among friends. Ronnie takes a different route—he hires a family in the witty, poignant “The Actors,” a Plays of Wilton production now making its Off-Broadway …

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Put Down Roots with Family Tree from Larsen Presents

The symbolism is as thick as smoke in the air in Family Tree by Ronnie Larsen Presents and the Plays of Wilton; this three-person, one-setting, one-act show is a masterpiece in how it’s done, so take note.  For anyone who’s ever lost someone inside themselves due to memory issues, Family Tree is hard to watch, but watch it we must

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Carbonell Awards Announces Honorees of Six Special Awards 2023

      So many people contribute their talents to making South Florida theater soar—directors, actors, technical experts, support staff, playwrights—the list is endless. But also many people and organizations work behind the scenes, offering support in a different way. …

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One More Yesterday Deserves Many More Tomorrows

The musical One More Yesterday may see it itself as a work in progress, but enfold yourself in this humorous, tuneful and heartfelt work, especially to savor Angie Radosh giving yet another superb performance.

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