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Women Rule Across The 1960s In The Wick’s Retro Revue Beehive

Beehive, yet another innocuous transitorily entertaining revue tracing music sung by women through the 1960s, highlights, intentionally or not, one trenchant observation. The same early Baby Boomers who started the decade enthusiastically singing along to Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party” ended up wailing with Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby.”

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Dancers and Singers Propel Thrilling West Side Story

Actors’ Playhouse pulls out all the stops to mount its annual winter centerpiece production. Director David Arisco molded a troupe of actor-singer-dancers who deliver a vibrant evening remarkable for its prolonged sections of power and verve.

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Janet Dacal Steps In For Ailing Actress At In The Heights

The star did become ill at Actors’ Playhouse’s production of In The Heights and a substitute did go on Saturday night with only a few hours rehearsal, but the classic backstage story had several twists. When actress Sarah Amengual became sick this week playing Nina, one of the lead roles, director David Arisco sent out an emergency appeal to Broadway actress Janet Dacal to fly in and fill in the part, said theater spokeswoman Brooke Noble.

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Joy In The ‘Hood; Dreaming In The Heights

It’s been a long, long time since a locally-produced musical has thrust inside an audience’s collective chest to touch its heart like Actors’ Playhouse’s triumphant production of In The Heights. Several shows this season have produced near raves among critics and audiences, but this production is cause once again for recalibrating your standards.

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Actors Playhouse’s Outstanding Next to Normal is Anything But

Perhaps God invented musicals just so someday we could be thrilled and troubled and moved and enriched by next to normal, Actors Playhouse’s finest work since Floyd Collins in 2003.

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