Premium seats heavy with hemoglobin in “Evil Dead”

A report from the front: Well, not the front rows, because if you sit in the first two rows at the Promethean Theatre’s production of Evil Dead the Musical, you’re certain to find another meaning (and spelling) for ‘rain of terror.’

The spoof’s much-publicized ‘splatter zone’ is no hype. Sprays of red liquid erupt in occasional geysers on stage in the black box theatre on the campus of Nova Southeastern University. And if that doesn’t get you, there’s a thin mist of red liquid showering lightly from a bar overhead.

The extra $5 it costs to sit in those rows gets you a cheap plastic hooded poncho to wear (looking very much like what they give out at Niagara Falls’ “Maid of the Mist” ride). Promethean honcho Deb Sherman warns the audience in her joyously anarchic warm-up that she had no idea if the ‘blood’ comes out in the wash; she even held the opening curtain twice to ensure everyone had their rain gear.

Take the offer. Several people who didn’t do so on opening night got a surprise when the house lights returned. Their white t-shirts ‘ and one guy’s white ice cream suit ‘ had turned flamingo pink.

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