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Welcome Back, Come From Away

It seems fitting that Broadway Across America marks its return to the Broward Centerwith the Tony and Olivier Award winning musical Come From Away that honors themes of community, perseverance, isolation and fear of the unknown. It seems that during last 18 months we’ve all come from away. And now we are back, a bit changed like the myriad characters in Come From Away, but happy to be back.

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Nick Duckart: Life On The Road With Come From Away Tour

Travelling in the national tour means moving to a different hotel in a different city nearly every week, not always sure what city that is, maintaining relationships with loved ones from afar, striving to keep the show fresh when you’ve done the material hundreds of times. And bats divebombing the performance. Just ask Hialeah native Nick Duckart travelling with Come From Away as it approaches the Kravis and Broward Center.

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Uplifting Come From Away Is Season’s Don’t Miss Highlight

Even writing about it the next day, the warmth still glows. In this time, to quote a lyric from another show, “of cold and darkness, in this terrifying night,” the affirmation of basic human decency engendered by the national tour of Come From Away stays comfortably nestled inside, nurturing hope for the future.

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Nick Duckart Is Coming Home With ‘Come From Away’

Hialeah-born actor Nick Duckart is coming home again from New York City. But he is a long way from the days struggling to sell televisions at Circuit City or vending souvenirs for shows at Lincoln Center. This visit fulfills a long-time dream: appearing in the national tour of the musical Come From Away— but being a crucial part of an emotionally powerful musical with an unusually close-knit company.

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Report From New York: Come From Away & Anastasia, A Season Old; Fresh As Last Week

Two musicals open since March are still worth taking in any time you make to Manhattan. And if you can’t afford a trip up north, rest assured that these will tour in the next couple of years and should not be missed. One is the least likely to gather angels’ backing in an elevator pitch, Come From Away; the other is a surprisingly solid satisfying reinvention of an animated movie initially aimed at preteen girls, Anastasia.

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