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Delightful Honeymoon In Vegas Is Classic Musical Comedy

From Slow Burn Theatre Company’s brass-unleashed overture with a live band, to an ebullient cast, to winning music and witty lyrics, this musical version of the film Honeymoon in Vegas is the kind of full-fledged fully-entertaining classic musical comedy you thought no one wrote anymore.

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Songs for a New World Is A Welcome Return For Theater

Jason Robert Brown’s brilliantly insightful and emotionally powerful Songs for a New World lets you know you’re not going crazy all alone in Slow Burn Theatre’s season opener that would be a triumph even if it didn’t signify a full-throated celebratory return of regional theater.

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The Bridges Of Madison County Gloriously Soars To The Heights

Slow Burn Theatre Company’s production of The Bridges of Madison County is what critics save up our credibility for – so that when a work of art is this effective, this moving, this captivating, then you’ll know we are urging you to see something truly special.

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Fledgling Marquee Theater’s Songs For a New World Bares The Souls Of Young Adults

Marquee Theater Company’s production of Jason Robert Brown’s Songs For A New World slices open the studied flat affect of the “Whatever” generation to expose inner lives as vibrant, complex and tumultuous as that of any group before them.

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Singing Their Hearts Out Over Last Five Years At Evening Star

Evening Star Production’s fervent mounting of Jason Robert Brown’s cult musical The Last Five Years invests infinite compassion for the eddying gain and loss in one of the most intriguing constructs in musical theater.

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Report From New York: The Bridges Of Madison County Is Surprisingly Lovely, Not Syrupy

Tone is the secret behind the tragically soon-to-close Broadway production of Jason Robert Brown’s lovely, heartfelt and thought-filled musical, The Bridges of Madison County. The theatrical reimagining of the raw material strikes a tone of compassion and complexity that is virtually alien to the Harlequin romance/Lifetime Movie of the Week sensibility of the novel and the film.

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Slow Burn Holds Courageous, Dark And Difficult Parade

Even if Slow Burn’s moving production of the dark and dangerous musical Parade wasn’t the success that it indeed is, the troupe would deserve honor for the fearlessness in choosing a pre-ordained tragedy about anti-Semitism that mixes soaring melodies with discomforting dissonance. But this company has again delivered an enviable piece of theater that challenges the audience as well as its artists.

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Slow Burn Theatre Takes On Anti-Semitism In Parade

It’s been 100 years since Leo Frank’s trial in 1913 for the death of Mary Phagan. And on Thursday, the Boca Raton-based Slow Burn Theatre Company – which prides itself on presenting challenging works of musical theater to its audiences – will take on the musical Parade, which was inspired by the Frank case a century ago.

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Bravura Turn By Janet Dacal Is Reason To See Last Five Years

A yin and yang vibe imbues Jason Robert Brown’s intriguing and imaginative two-character musical tracking the life cycle of a romance and marriage, The Last Five Years, receiving a warm, entertaining production at Actor Playhouse. But the reason to see it is the vibrant, bravura performance by former Miamian and current Broadway actress Janet Dacal.

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Miami’s Janet Dacal Comes Home From Broadway For “The Last Five Years”

Actors Playhouse director David Arisco teasingly asks the reporter doing a story on the upcoming musical The Last Five Years, “Don’t you want to take a picture of our Broadway star?’ His joke is that while former Miamian Janet Dacal qualifies for the soubriquet, Dacal seems as far from a temperamental egotistical diva as you can imagine. With a honey warm smile, flashing eyes and an unaffected demeanor, Dacal looks like the girl next door — if your neighborhood is Hialeah and the girl is the kind of fetching vision who half the boys have a crush on.

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