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News: Ben Solmor BENefit, Coconut Grove Hearing, Curtains For Andrews Living Arts

News about benefit concert for ailing choreographer Ben Solmor, another public hearing on the Coconut Grove Playhouse set for Thursday, and Andrews Living Arts closes

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Tracy Letts’ Scorching Script Buoys Uneven Killer Joe

Killer Joe, playwright Tracy Letts’ 1993 debut writ large in feral violence and bottomless venality, is such a powerful brew of toxicity that the script carries along an uneven production at Andrews Living Arts.

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Wildly Uneven But Creepily Intriguing Veronica’s Room

Halloween has arrived early with a wildly uneven but strangely intriguing production of Ira Levin’s 1973 exercise in creepiness, Veronica’s Room at Andrews Living Arts. The evening never quite lands as a whole, but there are undeniably flashes and even long stretches that do justice to Levin’s attempt to make the audience wonder what is real and exactly who is crazy.

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A Quiet, Lazy Holiday: 29 Shows Play South Florida This Month

There may be 12 days of Christmas, eight days of Hannukah and seven days of Kwanzaa, but there are 31 days of theater in South Florida underscored by the coming week in which at least 11 shows are opening in addition to at least 11 already open and at least seven more opening later.

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Andrews Living Arts Studio Explores Female Psyche In Evening of One-Act Plays

Andrews Living Arts Studio’s An Evening of 1-Acts pairs two decidedly different plays, offering interesting book ends with an eye on how women think, feel and perceive themselves.

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Andrews’ Steel Magnolias Touches Hearts With Pathos, Fails To Nail Whipcrack Humor

What continues to enchant critics who have to see more productions of Steel Magnolias than most civilians is what a truly funny, finely observed and genuinely touching script that Robert Harling constructed back in 1987. What’s different about Andrews Living Arts Studio’s uneven new production is that, atypically, it’s the pathos that works far better than the comedy.

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Island City (nee Rising Action) and Naked Stage Resurface, Arts Garage Mounts Musical

After an unnerving series of losses, several low-key announcements provide some encouraging news this week for the South Florida theater scene: Rising Action Theatre has succeeded in resurrecting itself as Island City Theatre with a production scheduled for August and hopes for another in the late fall. Naked Stage, which has been in hiatus for nearly a year and half, is preparing shows for July and next winter.

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Andrews’ Avenue Q Badly Flawed But Material Still Funny

Just how strong are the songs and jokes in the Tony-winning musical Avenue Q? So sturdy that even with shaky voices, so-so acting and laugh-killing scenery changes, the enthusiastic and earnest cast at Andrews Living Arts Studio nearly pulled off the sassy satire of urban life. Nearly.

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Mosaic Changes Season, Alliance Sets Season, Andrews Arts Hosts Show, Hirschman Honored With Zink Award

News Items

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Only Aspirations Soar in Andrews’ Angels In America

The Andrews Living Arts Studio deserves credit for attempting the epic masterpiece Angels In America, Part 1: Millenium Approaches. Unfortunately, the laudable desire to conquer mountains doesn’t protect you from falling into crevasses. While the production is barely mediocre with flashes of competency, somehow the poetry, the resonances, the genius of Tony Kushner’s script came through more clearly than in any of four earlier productions I’ve seen.

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