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Theater Artists Struggle With Unique Fears, Fallout And Uncertainty From Virus Drama

Six months into the pandemic, theater artists are struggling with a profoundly damaging dimension particular to their purgatory-like limbo: The calling that gives their lives meaning requires interaction with other people in the same room. Late this summer, 33 South Florida storytellers agreed to draw back the curtain on their backstage battles that form the spine of an all too real three-act drama.

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Musical Boca Bound Is Totally For Condo Dwellers It Portrays

The world premiere of the musical Boca Bound written by, about and for well-heeled senior condo residents of what is called here a “country club” summons up a raft of adjectives intermittently applicable: cute, charming, funny, and yes, entertaining if you happen to be a senior condo dweller. It’s also predictable, not terribly subtle, clichéd, not especially engaging and wouldn’t succeed anywhere other than the Tampa-St. Pete condo circuit.

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Collision Of Intriguing Ideas Doesn’t Delve Much Deeper In Pigs Do Fly’s Invasion Of Privacy

Larry Parr’s Invasion of Privacy from Pigs Do Fly Productions, based on a lawsuit against Florida’s beloved Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, lays intriguing thought-provoking ideas on the table, but basically just leaves them there.

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Betting ‘All In:’ Act 2 As The Wick Theatre Buys Its Home

On April 28, Marilynn Wick will sign a $5 million mortgage and take formal possession of the former Caldwell Theatre building, heralding the beginning of a new phase of The Wick Theatre.

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Wick’s O-o-o-o-o-klahoma! Is Tuneful Mainstream Fairy Tale

The Wick Theatre’s Oklahoma! is an apple cheek fairy tale , a broad musical comedy sprightly painted with bright vibrant colors that will not fail to entertain if you let it. Not only will this decidedly mainstream production not annoy most pre-Sondheim patrons, they will embrace it with a joyous “this is what we want to see” reaction.

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Wick’s White Christmas Melts The Snow Bank In Your Heart

There’s a warm and comforting triple promise in The Wick Theatre’s pre-Thanksgiving production of the musical White Christmas. One is that the promise of the coming holiday season, a second is the promise that this entertaining production will work out the kinks within a few days and the third is the promise that the Wick is on its way to becoming a reliable source of mainstream theater.

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Plaza’s WaistWatchers Ready Made For Ladies Who Lunch

There’s certainly an appetite for WaistWatchers: The Musical — a show for the ladies who lunch as a girl’s day (or night) out, which would account for one-quarter of Sunday’s audience being made up of women’s groups at the Plaza Theatre in Manalapan. (The Grove Women’s Club and Lexington Ladies were in the house at this particular Sunday matinee.)

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Plaza Theatre’s Irving Berlin Songbook Will Please The Greatest Generation

In Irving Berlin Salutes America at The Plaza Theatre, four capable performers plus the pianist/ arranger delivered the musical equivalent of a familiar old down comforter and a hot toddy for a nightcap. There was nothing electrifying, no fresh insights for those born after World War II, just an unabashedly pleasant, entertaining evening and that’s what the audience wanted.

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