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Ring of Fire Encircles Johnny Cash Music In Pure Song At Theatre Arts Garage

Ring of Fire, the Johnny Cash Musical, is not a biographical play about The Man in Black. It’s smarter than that. This music-heavy tableau, at the Theatre at Arts Garage i offers more depth than what its title may imply. When that appreciation hits, Ring of Fire lights a burning flame right through to your soul.

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“So A Man Turns Into A Snail…” Quirky New Musical The Trouble With Doug Is No Slug At All

Sometimes theater works even when you can’t quite explain how or why or even quite what you saw. Such is the quirky, thematically fuzzy but thoroughly entertaining new musical at Arts Garage, The Trouble With Doug. The titular trouble is the archetypical twenty-something hero is turning into a slug. Not a slacker. An actual slime-oozing, lettuce-addicted slug

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No Argument: Fighting Over Beverley Shouldn’t Be Missed

Entirely well-acted, thoughtfully directed, in a evolved play about past loves we can’t leave behind, Fighting Over Beverley by Israel Horovitz has its way way off Broadway tryout at Theatre at Arts Garage.

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Carbonell Nominations Honor New And Struggling Companies

The nominations for Carbonell Awards honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida released today provide some interesting material for observers to chew over. The nominations seem to depict a very healthy year for musicals and a less impressive number of new works produced, quality notwithstanding. The standout element was the large number of nominations honoring young and/or struggling companies.

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World Ends With A Bang Not A Whimper In Arts Garage’s Satirical Hummingbird Wars

The world premiere of Carter W. Lewis’ jet black satire The Hummingbird Wars at Theatre at Arts Garage is hysterically funny but unnervingly upsetting because the depiction of a society disintegrating around and under you is too damn recognizable to allow unimpeded belly laughs.

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Arts Garage Hosts Premiere of Daniel Mate’s Affecting “The Longing and the Short Of It”

Daniel Maté holds up a mirror so we can examine ourselves in his new musical The Longing and The Short Of It at the Theatre at Arts Garage. But his vision has such incisive clarity that he is more a chronicler whose work decades hence will enable our descendants to see how we lived in the early part of the 21st Century.

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Florida’s 2013-2014 Season Champions New & Newish Works

Encouraging trends emerge while poking among the entrails of the new season schedules for South Florida theater. Among them: an emphasis on new and newer works as producers and artistic directors try to seduce younger audiences, meaning people under 70.

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Judy’s Back and In Delray Beach At Theatre At Arts Garage

There’s no room for missteps at the intimate Theatre at Arts Garage cabaret. In this production of Beyond the Rainbow: Garland at Carnegie Hall everything is up close and very personal in a creatively re-imagined staging of the show.

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Theatre At Arts Garage and Dramaworks Stage Concert Musicals This Summer

If this seems to be a summer jammed with play readings across the region (at least 18 set so far and we have more to announce over the next few days), musical theater fans will be penciling in dates on their calendars as well, as early as tomorrow night. Palm Beach Dramaworks and the Theatre at Arts Garage are mounting “concert versions” of musicals – classics in Dramaworks’ case and new works at the Garage in Delray Beach.

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Breaking News: Delray Beach Commissioners Delay Sale Of Arts Garage Property

The Delray City Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to postpone selling the Arts Garage’s home base for two months, giving the venue a reprieve from relocating or even closing. Faced with an overflow crowd of arts patrons ready to speak at a public hearing, a box with 1,800 petition signatures and a lose-lose choice, Mayor Thomas Carney proposed delaying action until April 16 – suggesting that two parties interested in buying the property are willing to explore a compromise.

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