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Morisseau’s Skeleton Crew Is GableStage Benchmark Triumph

Amid a constellation of superb theater from GableStage comes a supernova of passion, pain and socio-political protest in a scorching drama Skeleton Crew. Its portrayal of African-American workers in a Detroit auto plant teetering on closing incisively examines racial issues that intensify impending tragedy, but also a world evaporating under our feet whuch crosses all demographic boundaries.

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Williams’ ‘Two Character Play’ At MTC Uses Inventive Device, Yet Gets Lost In Isolation

There’s a daringness to Stephanie Ansin’s vision at Miami Theater Center that makes you find things to love about a piece, even one that ends up having more than a few problems. As a continuation of her exploration of themes of isolation and entrapment, Ansin and company have chosen Tennessee Williams’ The Two Character Play.

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Laughing Through The Pain Suffuses Sons of the Prophet

GableStage’s Sons of the Prophet is a comedy about suffering. It’s a serio-comedy, to be sure, a wry compassionate look at the inescapable downside of being human. But humor drawn from the awkward collision of quirky characters suffuses Stephen Karam’s Pulitzer-nominated script, even though every major character is in emotional and even physical pain.

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