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Strife Over Faith, Heritage Devastates A Family In GableStage’s Searing Bad Jews

As if it was even needed, molten lava in the guise of scalding verbal acrimony ravages the apartment where incendiary family strife already was poised to detonate into devastation in GableStage’s uproarious and upsetting Bad Jews.

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Theatre League Celebrates Theatrical Community’s Unsung Heroes With Remy Awards

The South Florida Theatre League has announced its 2014 Remy Awards recognizing outstanding service and pioneering efforts in the development of the arts in the region.

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The Coming South Florida Theater Season Is As Much About Where As What

Usually there isn’t anything sexy or newsworthy about real estate in the world of theater unless it’s Glengarry Glen Ross. But as the season approaches, South Florida hasn’t seen so much packing and unpacking, opening tubes of Ben Gay, filling out of change-of-address cards, remodeling, scanning blueprints and updating websites as in the past season and the one coming up

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15 Best Bets That We Want To See In The Coming Season

In chronological order, here is a highly subjective, personal list of the shows whose titles or concepts we most want to see this season.

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GableStage’s The Whale Is A Shattering Paean To Human Decency And Hope

Samuel D. Hunter’s The Whale at GableStage focuses on a morbidly obese man wanting to reconnect with his abandoned daughter before his imminent death. But the darkly funny and affecting play — awash in profanity, cynicism, alienation and fatalism — reveals itself to be about hope rooted in the innate decency inside scalded souls.

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Celebration Of Jay Harris’ Life Set For Tuesday At Gablestage

Friends, family and colleagues will share stories about the life and contributions of South Florida theater champion Jay Harris at a celebration at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Gablestage.

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New Grove Playhouse May Not Open For Five Years; But County And GableStage Begin Work

The curtain is not expected to rise on the first production at the “new” Coconut Grove Playhouse for five years, county documents indicate. But work on the project began in earnest this month. The county is in the process of hiring an architect, and GableStage, which will operate the theater, has hired a consultant.

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Another Openin’ Another Show, Another Openin’ Another Show, And Another Openin’ Another….

The snowbirds have gone home, but South Florida theater never seems to go dark these days. This year-round trend has never been clearer than right now with a calendar is jammed with an overwhelming cornucopia of options over the next two or three weeks. Here’s an incomplete overview:

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A Trip To GableStage’s The Mountaintop Is Worth The Climb

Certainly, The Mountaintop is about Martin Luther King’s place in the civil rights struggle, but the superb production at GableStage examines a more universal issue of how ever-present mortality makes impossible reaching an ultimate goal – which makes the pursuit all the more laudable.

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Breaking News: State Approves Last Hurdle To County/FIU/GableStage Theater On Coconut Grove Playhouse Site

A new regional theater and educational complex was cleared this afternoon to arise on the site of the Coconut Grove Playhouse. A signed, executed lease with the state, which owns the property, is expected to arrive in the mail as soon as this week.

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