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Boca Stage’s Different Take The Odd Couple (Female Version)

The zingers in Boca Stage’s female version of The Odd Couple sound familiar but hardly stale like something left in Olive Madison’s refrigerator for who knows how long. Rather, you welcome the wisecracks as you would greet a dear old friend whom you haven’t seen in ages. Perhaps that is because we badly need laughter in a world in which bad news seems to surround us.

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Friendship, Revelation, Determination Are Hallmarks of The Ladies Foursome

The Pigs Do Fly company, dedicated to work by and for people over 50 years old, examines women’s issues during a day on the golf course in the full-length play The Ladies Foursome.

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Pigs Do Fly Gains A Little Altitude In Curly Tales

Getting old, or older, is not for sissies, the saying goes… but it’s easier if you can laugh at it and if you know you’re not going crazy all alone. The second half of that is the unspoken maxim beneath Pigs Do Fly Productions as it enters its third season with its newest entry, Curly Tales.

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Willow Theatre’s Jazz Singer Lacks Historical Perspective

The Jazz Singer: The Musical never really takes its audience back in time, but has a false feeling that we’re watching actors put on a play. But there are reasons this production at the Willow Theatre is an audience crowd pleaser: audience sing-a-longs of timeless standards and talented actors who give it their all.

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