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Sam Shepard’s True West Explodes At New City Players

An explosion of passionate performances (and flying silverware) mark New City Players’ production of the late Sam Shepard’s True West.

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Wildly Uneven But Creepily Intriguing Veronica’s Room

Halloween has arrived early with a wildly uneven but strangely intriguing production of Ira Levin’s 1973 exercise in creepiness, Veronica’s Room at Andrews Living Arts. The evening never quite lands as a whole, but there are undeniably flashes and even long stretches that do justice to Levin’s attempt to make the audience wonder what is real and exactly who is crazy.

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Andrews’ Steel Magnolias Touches Hearts With Pathos, Fails To Nail Whipcrack Humor

What continues to enchant critics who have to see more productions of Steel Magnolias than most civilians is what a truly funny, finely observed and genuinely touching script that Robert Harling constructed back in 1987. What’s different about Andrews Living Arts Studio’s uneven new production is that, atypically, it’s the pathos that works far better than the comedy.

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