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GableStage’s Georgia McBride Is No Drag, Well, It Is, But….

One pleasure watching a drag show regardless of your sexual orientation is the vicarious joy of seeing people uncorset their secreted urges and find the liberating self-worth to parade it publicly. That is the unspoken strength underlying the delightful hoot , The Legend of Georgia McBride at GableStage

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Loopy Durang Comedy Vanya And Masha And Sonia And Spike Is Insightful And Flat Out Funny

Under the vanities and inanities, the witty literary allusions and the silly sight gags, “Vanya and Sonia and Marsha and Spike” gently pokes fun at people who have wasted their lives. But don’t fret, mostly director Joseph Adler and his cast deliver a good old-fashioned, absurdist character comedy at GableStage.

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GableStage’s Ruined Is Powerful Tale of Atrocities and Suvival

GableStage’s powerful Ruined examines our species’ simultaneous capacity for a bottomless cruelty absent in animals and an inextinguishable humanity that borders on divinity. This engrossing rendition of Lynn Nottage’s play about people struggling to survive the hellish civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also has a duality. It is one of the finest pieces of local theater seen this season, featuring superb acting, notably from Lela Elam as an indomitable owner of a bar/brothel.

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Run the Race With GableStage

Lawyers banter about innocence and justice in David Mamet’s incendiary play at GableStage, but the characters don’t bother to dissect long-decided issues about how the judicial system’s sausage is made. The title of the play and the real subject is Race. The double-helix construction of the twisting dialogue underscores Mamet’s thesis that bogus baggage of race relations subverts any meaningful discussion of seemingly straight ahead subjects as innocence and justice.

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