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Dickens Nailed It: South Florida Theater Two Years In Review

If Dickens’ opening line in A Tale of Two Cities has become a trite cliché through overuse it has become a painfully accurate truism about theater over the past two years, especially South Florida theater. Crippling loss and inspiring resurrection. Surrender and perseverance. And , now, the Covid threat has reasserted. But looking back on those two years delivers a testament worth celebrating and learning from.

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2020 SoFla Theater: What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

A look back at 2020: Yes, South Florida theater was crippled by the pandemic. But its acolytes remained driven to express their artistry, and patrons remained ravenous for their work. They continued to explore projects, create avenues and seek paychecks with efforts ranged from filmed full-fledged productions to monologues newly penned in bedrooms.

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GableStage’s If I Forget: Powerful Tale of Family Strife Over Cultural History

Raging family dysfunction played against an equally volatile backdrop of social upheaval makes for two seemingly separate but brilliantly acted and directed plays united in GableStage’s production of If I Forget — the emotional equivalent of a skiff tossed about in a raging tempest in the middle of a wintry ocean.

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A Hilarious God Sits Down To Explain It All To You, Sort Of

God is just like you and me – genial, well-meaning, chatty and, while omniscient and omnipotent, also flawed enough to make universe-shaking mistakes. At least that’s the God that actor Tom Wahl, director Joe Adler and playwright David Javerbaum offer during a delightful, hilarious and subversively insightful evening in GableStage’s An Act of God.

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With ‘Stalking the Bogeyman,’ GableStage Explores Taboo Subject With Unadorned Gravity

GableStage’s Stalking the Bogeyman, a true life tale of sexual abuse and revenge, stands out for its intelligence, bravery, sobriety and sheer darkness Buoyed by the raw sting of truth that great nonfiction provides, Bogeyman is more than a play. It’s a public service.

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Breaking News: State Approves Last Hurdle To County/FIU/GableStage Theater On Coconut Grove Playhouse Site

A new regional theater and educational complex was cleared this afternoon to arise on the site of the Coconut Grove Playhouse. A signed, executed lease with the state, which owns the property, is expected to arrive in the mail as soon as this week.

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Run the Race With GableStage

Lawyers banter about innocence and justice in David Mamet’s incendiary play at GableStage, but the characters don’t bother to dissect long-decided issues about how the judicial system’s sausage is made. The title of the play and the real subject is Race. The double-helix construction of the twisting dialogue underscores Mamet’s thesis that bogus baggage of race relations subverts any meaningful discussion of seemingly straight ahead subjects as innocence and justice.

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Priming the Play: The Furious Competition that Fuels Red

In a play comprised primarily of complex insights articulated at the audience for nearly 90 minutes, what many people remember most about GableStage’s production of Red is a scene without words.

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GableStage’s Red Explores the Nature of Artistic Creation

By Bill Hirschman One of the few unspoken tenets of painter Mark Rothko’s cosmology in John Logan’s play Red is that creating art is the highest and holiest purpose of human life. In GableStage’s fine edition, Rothko struts and strides …

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Tarell Alvin McCraney and GableStage Deliver Memorable The Brothers Size

By Bill Hirschman The initial temptation is to rave about playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney’s alchemy of poetic, profane and prosaic language. Or how the inventive production of his The Brothers Size at GableStage this month marks the first time his …

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