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Miracle On South Division Street: Comedy Is Surprising Gift

Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre’s production of ,Miracle on South Division Street has all the makings to become a perennial holiday comedy favorite.

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What’s New Pussycat Is Surprisingly Effective Blast From The Past At Stage Door

The secret of the highly improbable but undeniable success of the new ‘60s musical revue What’s New Pussycat — The Soundtrack of an Era at Broward Stage Door is encapsulated in the second-to-last musical number.

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Bernstein On Broadway Is Pleasant Summer Quaff

The musical revue Bernstein on Broadway at The Plaza Theatre is a bouncy bauble that achieves exactly what it aims to: deliver a diverting and entertaining summer evening. It’s like one of those pleasant summer pops concerts emanating from a riverside bandshell on a verdant lawn in the municipal park – it just happens to be staged inside a theater.

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Estrogen-Infused Cougar The Musical at The Plaza Theatre Goes Limp Due To Cliched Script

There’s fun to be had at Cougar The Musical at The Plaza Theatre because of the cast, but don’t expect a lion’s roar — this Cougar hungers for better material.

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“So A Man Turns Into A Snail…” Quirky New Musical The Trouble With Doug Is No Slug At All

Sometimes theater works even when you can’t quite explain how or why or even quite what you saw. Such is the quirky, thematically fuzzy but thoroughly entertaining new musical at Arts Garage, The Trouble With Doug. The titular trouble is the archetypical twenty-something hero is turning into a slug. Not a slacker. An actual slime-oozing, lettuce-addicted slug

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Zoetic And McKeever Skewer Hollywood As A Cesspool In Clark Gable Slept Here

Death, drug overdose, murder, lies, hypocrisy, soulless creatures willing to do absolutely anything for greed and glamour – you really shouldn’t be laughing this much or this hard. But after all, it’s Hollywood in Michael McKeever’s hilarious new play Clark Gable Slept Here getting its world premiere at Zoetic Stage.

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Sondheim’s Dark Musical Assassins Is A Triumphant Bullseye From Zoetic

Zoetic Stage director Stuart Meltzer and a superb collection of actors and designers have scored, forgive me, a bull’s eye with this production of Assassins. . Any Stephen Sondheim fan understands that his work is not everyone’s cup of saltpeter. But for those who seek intelligent, thought-provoking musical theater, there are few pieces as superb as this.

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Nicky Silver’s The Lyons Scores As Jet Black Satire Of Dysfunctional Family

Nicky Silver’s wickedly hilarious satire The Lyons about self-centered souls in the most dysfunctional family ever seen, on display at The Women’s Theatre Project, hides a deeper portrait of wounded people still seeking the affirmation that they never got from the people who society says should have been their primary nurturers.

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next to normal Is Harrowing Triumph For Thinking Adults

Critics are congenitally awash in self-doubt when they adore something. But to heck with it. Slow Burn Theatre Company’s profoundly moving production of the musical next to normal is about as good as it gets in South Florida theater.

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Class Struggle And Coping With The Past Makes Good People Great Theater At Gablestage

Cut through the South Boston accents and into the fibers of Good People, and you’ll find that David Lindsay-Abaire’s 2011 Tony nominee is a character study of the finest sort. However, the fact that the lead character, Margie has remained in South Boston’s Lower End should not be understated — this attachment to one’s childhood roots is what forms the foundation of Good People, now at Gablestage.

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