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Stars Of David Is Touching, Funny Revue About Identity

Seeking “Who am I?” is the defining journey of most lives, and our religious heritage is part of the solution, even if we don’t embrace that religion or its culture. Such is the soul of Stars of David: Story To Song, a musical revue, which, despite its cripplingly kitschy title, is a surprisingly entertaining, witty and poignant look at how Jewish-Americans struggle on that journey.

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Loopy Durang Comedy Vanya And Masha And Sonia And Spike Is Insightful And Flat Out Funny

Under the vanities and inanities, the witty literary allusions and the silly sight gags, “Vanya and Sonia and Marsha and Spike” gently pokes fun at people who have wasted their lives. But don’t fret, mostly director Joseph Adler and his cast deliver a good old-fashioned, absurdist character comedy at GableStage.

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My Name Is Asher Lev Is Compelling Work Of Art

Like walking toward a great work of art at the end of a hallway, the magnificence of GableStage’s production of My Name Is Asher Lev grows slowly as you approach it, as you spend time with it, delving deeper until the accumulated detail of its brushstrokes reveals its full splendor.

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Avi Hoffman Leads Harrowing ‘An Iliad’ Reboot At Outre

An Iliad is a breathtaking solo show from Boca Raton’s Outre Theatre Company starring Avi Hoffman that exhumes Homer’s dramatization of the mythological Trojan War in terms we all can understand. There is colloquial language, modern-day references, video projection and audience interaction – even, occasionally, humor.

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Avi Hoffman Takes on 5,000 Years Of War In Outre’s An Illiad

Playing a 5,000-year-old poet decrying humanity’s addiction to rage and violence, clothing his warning in a modern retelling of Homer’s epic tale of the Trojan War, this is not your grandma’s Avi Hoffman sitting here. But it is Hoffman sitting here in rehearsal, striving to learn 47 pages of dense script as the sole storyteller in Outré Theatre Company’s An Illiad slated to open Friday at The Studio at Mizner Park.

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BRTG’s Chicago Is Entertaining But Needs More Razzle Dazzle

A muted clarinet makes beautiful music, but sometimes what’s called for is the blare of a clarion trumpet and the insolent snap of a snare drum. That’s the problem facing the almost but never quite satisfying Boca Raton Theatre Guild production of the Kander & Ebb musical Chicago.

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Plaza Theatre’s Oddball “Luv” Allows Avi Hoffman Full Rein

Back during the Cold War, a theatrical genre flourished called the American absurdist comedy. Perfected by Herb Gardner and Bruce Jay Friedman, it took hip unconventionality to an extreme degree of kookiness, one crucial millimeter short of being a living cartoon. Perhaps the most popular entry was Murray Schisgal’s hilarious Luv, hauled out of mothballs this holiday season by the fledgling Plaza Theatre in Manalapan for an older audience that remembers the original production in 1964.

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Who’s Playing Who This Season?

Regular South Florida theatergoers will recognize many local stalwarts headlining productions this fall as well as some folks new to these parts – and their parts. Palm Beach Dramaworks revealed much of its casting for the entire season this week, featuring the boldface name of Tony Award nominee and part-time local resident Maureen Anderman in December.

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Not Even Six Degrees of Separation In Play Reading

If you wonder just how small the theater world is, consider how Paul Paul Ben-Victor’s play This Little Jew Girl has found its way to a free reading at GableStage at 7:30 p.m. Monday with Ben-Victor, Todd Allen Durkin, Betsy Graver, and the corporation of Avi Hoffman, Laura Turnbull and Arielle Hoffman.

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Palm Beach Theaters Dominate Carbonell Awards

Joy and uncertainty imbued the 36th annual Carbonell Awards on Monday night, reflecting a period marked by the greatest concentration of theatrical excellence in recent memory, yet also the closure of two companies and tenuous survival of others. The juxtaposition was no more evident than the Caldwell Theatre production, Stuff, earning three awards – four days after the company revealed it had hired a receiver and was postponing its last play of the season because of cash flow problems.

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