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Small Town Seniors Entertain In Pigs Do Fly’s Helen On Wheels

Few an resist feisty, foul-mouthed septuagenarians such as Helen Wheeler because, well, we do not normally expect a woman in her 70’s to tackle someone into submission, or use a blowtorch to free an inmate from jail as is depicted in Helen on Wheels, a delightfully funny and moving, sweet, but not syrupy peek into small town eccentricity.

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Helen on Wheels at Pigs Do Fly

The Helen in Helen on Wheels is Helen Wheeler, a spirited, allegedly 70-something widow who speaks her mind and challenges anyone who crosses her as she continues to mourn her husband. But Helen on Wheels, from Pigs Do Fly Productions is more than an amusing story about a feisty widow. It also looks at the devastation of losing a loved one, of moving on with your life and keeping your independence.

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Intriguing ‘Precious Little’ Delves Into Communication

Thinking Cap Theatre director Nicole Stodard and her fine trio of actresses have inarguably produced an engrossing emotional and intellectual puzzle to stimulate the heart and mind in Precious Little.

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Thinking Cap Unleashes The Wild Ambition of Dance Nation

Dare your adult to take your inner child to see Dance Nation at Thinking Cap Theatre in which adults play teenagers prepping for a competition. Were a prize given out today for Best Ensemble, the cast of Dance Nation would take home a trophy.

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MSP’s Marjorie Prime: A Second Chance To Say What Was Left Unsaid To Your Parents

Jordan Harrison’s Marjorie Prime at Main Street Players posits 21st Century technology giving people a chance to say what was left unsaid, to finish unfinished business. The insightful script for the Pulitzer finalist will resonate deafeningly with Baby Boomers caring for parents edging into senility or who have already lost their parents.

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Pigs Do Fly Gains A Little Altitude In Curly Tales

Getting old, or older, is not for sissies, the saying goes… but it’s easier if you can laugh at it and if you know you’re not going crazy all alone. The second half of that is the unspoken maxim beneath Pigs Do Fly Productions as it enters its third season with its newest entry, Curly Tales.

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Pigs Do Fly Gains A Bit More Altitude With New “Flying High!”

The writing seems a little sharper, the direction more incisive and the acting a bit more credible at Pigs Do Fly Productions’ new Flying High. Some of the playlets still are a bit lamer than others and some still limp along a bit, but there’s a noticeable uptick in the quality of this evening meant to provide a quiet, gentle smile.

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Pigs Do Fly Launches Seven Short Plays For The Over 50 Set

Ellen Wacher’s Pigs Do Fly Productions opens its second season by, for and about people over 50 years old arguing that F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong about no second acts in American life with its newest anthology of playlets under the umbrella title No Fear of Flying.

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Troupe Pitches To Over 50, But It’s Not Just For Older Crowd

While it does give actors and audiences of the 50-plus demographic a forum to create, Pigs Do Fly’s Fifty Plus – A Celebration of Life As We Know It isn’t just for those fifty or older; the humorous short plays, although sometimes predictable, presented life as we all know it.

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