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Spamalot Is Supremely Silly And Delightfully Demented Fun

A delightfully demented cast enhanced by the inventive imagination of chief jester/director David Arisco and choreographer Ron Hutchins make Actors’ Playhouse’s Spamalot a satisfying pleasure even on its fourth or fifth visit.

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End Of The Rainbow Focuses On Judy Garland’s Disintegration

End Of The Rainbow is not a Judy Garland tribute concert – it’s a dramatic play with music about her death spiral entering its final turn. Actors Playhouse’s production is shot through with witty gallows humor and compassion for a wounded soul.

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15 Years, 4 Productions And 400-Plus Performances Later, Wayne LeGette Returns to Role

Sometime after more than 400 performances, Wayne LeGette lost track of how often he had appeared in the enduring musical about relationships I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. Whatever the figure was, the odometer is about to roll over this month.

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Home For The Holidays: Comedy In Making God Laugh Morphs Into Poignancy At Playhouse

Put Actors’ Playhouse production of Making God Laugh pretty much in the insightful column. Playwright Sean Grennan uses our recognition of the laughter and pain common to most familial relationships and uses it as a building block in his farcical comedy that transmutes into poignant drama.

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Showbiz Lampoon Ruthless Is A Bit Long, But Wickedly Funny

Everything about Ruthless! The Musical at Actors Playhouse from dripping furs to the Ethel Merman voices, everything is over the top. Way over the top. Thank goodness. Well, actually, don’t thank goodness. Ruthless is a gleefully uninhibited celebration of greed, venality, ambition and ego. In other words, show business.

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Actors Playhouse Rated P For Parenthood Is Frothy Fun

Rated P For Parenthood at Actors Playhouse is a 90-minute hoot that bowed off-Broadway last year strings together almost 30 vignettes that chronologically trace the joys and absurdities of raising a child from conception to empty nesting.

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Actors’ Playhouse Outwits Dimwitted Fox on the Fairway

The Fox on the Fairway, plays more like a 1970s sitcom. When any one of the comedy’s exaggerated characters comes bursting through the door (and this happens more than a few times), you expect a canned laugh track to surface.The Fox on the Fairway won’t take the World Cup when it comes to comedy, but it’s a fun romp and summer fare that only requires the audience to be swept away in its lunacy.

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Joy In The ‘Hood; Dreaming In The Heights

It’s been a long, long time since a locally-produced musical has thrust inside an audience’s collective chest to touch its heart like Actors’ Playhouse’s triumphant production of In The Heights. Several shows this season have produced near raves among critics and audiences, but this production is cause once again for recalibrating your standards.

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Other Desert Cities’ Harrowing Examination Of Familial Love

Jon Robin Baitz’s finely-crafted play asks whether there is such a thing as unconditional love in Actors Playhouse’s rock solid production of last season’s Broadway triumph which surgically peels away the Wyeth family’s layers of lies and fragile accommodations that allow humans to interact after perceived betrayals.

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Bravura Turn By Janet Dacal Is Reason To See Last Five Years

A yin and yang vibe imbues Jason Robert Brown’s intriguing and imaginative two-character musical tracking the life cycle of a romance and marriage, The Last Five Years, receiving a warm, entertaining production at Actor Playhouse. But the reason to see it is the vibrant, bravura performance by former Miamian and current Broadway actress Janet Dacal.

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