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Dolly Levi Struts Before The Parade Passes By At LPAC

Mention Dolly Levi and most people visualize Broadway legend Carol Channing who originated the icon or Barbra Streisand who brought the role to life in the film. Avid theatergoers may recall Pearl Bailey, Dorothy Lamour, Betty Grable, Mary Martin, Phyllis Diller, Bette Midler or even Ethel Merman. Now, Florida theatergoers can add to their list Angie Radosh.  

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Welcome Hello, Dolly! With Bravura Betty Buckley

There’s not much in life that you can say this about, but the national tour of Hello, Dolly! is everything you hope it will be. For anyone under the age of 50 who wonders if the so-called Golden Age of Musicals was, in fact, all that Golden; for those who have seen Hello, Dolly! about three times too often – this is for you.

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Riverside’s Superb Hello, Dolly! Is As Resplendent As It Gets

You don’t get any better, any more professional, any more resplendent than Riverside Theatre’s production of Hello, Dolly! This production is a dazzling bouquet of theater delights.

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Lee Roy Reams’ Dolly Is At His/Her Best Inhabiting The Widow’s Resurrecting Reveries

The first question that everyone wants answered is: Is it possible to buy Lee Roy Reams as Dolly Levi in The Wick Theatre’s Hello, Dolly! The answer is “sometimes.” The answer also depends on how willing you are to accept the theatrical conceit of Reams being the second man ever to play the part, even with composer Jerry Herman’s blessing.

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Hello, Dolly! At The Wick, Lee Roy Reams Asks If “It Takes A Woman” To Play Dolly Levi

It’s not a drag show. Broadway veteran Lee Roy Reams may become only the second man to play Dolly Levi in a sanctioned production of Hello, Dolly! when it bows this week at The Wick Theatre in Boca Raton, but he is committed to playing it straight.

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Hirschman’s Solely Subjective Summation Of Shows That Shouldn’t Be Missed

These are not at all necessarily what we predict will be the best shows this season (although they may be) or the best attended or the most popular or the most award-winning. We don’t care. These are the shows we most want to see for a variety of reasons.

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A Few Off-Beat Offerings For The Holidays

A couple of off-beat repostings for the holidays: Playbill.com posted 50 Iphone photographs taken of or by Janet Dacal of her homecoming to Miami as she rehearsed for Actors Playhouse’s The Last Five Years which runs through next weekend. Click …

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Jerry Visits Dolly, New Theatre Goes Cruz-ing, Playhouse To Visit Other Desert Cities

Hello Jerry You’d think he’d have seen it enough times, but Jerry Herman, the composer-lyricist of Hello, Dolly!, dropped in on last Friday’s performance of his best-known work at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre. Herman, a University of Miami grad and …

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Director & Star Deliver Fresh Hello Dolly As If It’s Brand New

There’s a brand new musical comedy you’ve never seen before playing at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre. It’s something called Hello, Dolly! and if you think you’ve seen it before, we’ll argue with you. Because director/choreographer Marcia Milgrom Dodge and leading lady Vicki Lewis invest the Jerry Herman-Michael Stewart warhorse with a freshness that nearly obliterates the iconic images created by Gower Champion and Carol Channing.

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Director and Star Seek Fresh Spin on Hello Dolly at the Maltz

Director Marcia Milgrom Dodge and actress Vicki Lewis face that old psychology experiment: Imagine there’s an elephant in the room. Now ignore the elephant in the room. In their case, the elephants, plural, are Carol Channing and the iconic Gower Champion production of Hello, Dolly! engraved in the minds of much of the audience coming this month to see the warhorse at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.

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