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“I’m Still Here” SoFla Theaters Say, But What Will ‘Here’ Be?

In-depth report: Sets still standing on stages are silent pledges that these productions and theater itself in South Florida will resume – albeit in what many believe will be a different world. But what that cultural world will look like for audiences and artists could not be more uncertain, say theater professionals who have had to rethink and rethink again their plans. It’s different from when other disasters have struck Florida like hurricanes; this one may be open-ended.

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Breaking News: Maltz Theatre Withdraws From Carbonells

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre, one of the state’s most artistically and fiscally successful companies, has withdrawn its upcoming shows from consideration for Carbonell Awards for the coming season. The Carbonell board interpreted a brief letter from company to mean that it did not want its past productions from calendar year 2019 to be considered either.

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Maltz Kicks Off $30 Million Campaign To Expand Facility Including Second Stage

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre on Monday publically kicked off a five-year campaign to raise $25 million to $30 million for a massive construction expansion to enable it to expand its offerings. The project’s headline facet would create a second smaller theater where more risky plays and new works can be produced.

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Sound Undercuts Joyful/Flawed Diva Diaries About Drag Queens

The latest edition of Diva Diaries about three aging drag performers lands inconsistently – sometimes entertaining or moving, other times feeling thin, perfunctory and artificial. But it;s hard to say because it was difficult to understand what anyone was saying or singing.

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Maltz Throws Every Theatrical Trick Into Lavish The Wiz

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s revival of The Wiz is among the most lavish spectacles ever put on by a regional theater in South Florida with its prime virtue being the boundless imagination of a huge team led by the vision of Maltz’s Producing Artistic Director Andrew Kato.

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Maltz Goes To Unusual Lengths To Cast Local Asian-American Actors For The King And I

When it came time to cast the roles of the King’s children for its production of The King and I, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre did more than just a casting call. They consulted data, sent more than 500 letters, reached out to schools and chambers of commerce and businesses – even some restaurants – all to find actors of Asian descent to play the children of the King.

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Maltz’s ’14-’15 Season: Fiddler, Les Miz, Les Wiz, Les Shue And @#$%^ Glengarry Glen Ross

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre has been nudging its mainstream audience for years toward relatively riskier fare, but the slate announced today for its 2014-2015 season includes one entry that will never be mistaken for Oklahoma: David Mamet’s scorching drama Glengarry Glen Ross.

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Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s Major Makeover Marks Next Stage

When the finished $2.5 million project is unveiled at an open house Monday, the transmogrified Maltz Jupiter Theatre will serve as a valediction and validation of its decade growing from Burt Reynolds’ local dinner theater into one of the premier producing houses in the state.

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Maltz Plans $2.5 Million Expansion With More Seats, Bigger Lobby, More Restrooms

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre plans a massive $2.5 million renovation that will include adding VIP seating, building a more elaborate lobby with 12-foot ceilings, expanding the building itself to the east, adding restrooms and other amenities.

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Palm Beach Theaters Dominate Carbonell Awards

Joy and uncertainty imbued the 36th annual Carbonell Awards on Monday night, reflecting a period marked by the greatest concentration of theatrical excellence in recent memory, yet also the closure of two companies and tenuous survival of others. The juxtaposition was no more evident than the Caldwell Theatre production, Stuff, earning three awards – four days after the company revealed it had hired a receiver and was postponing its last play of the season because of cash flow problems.

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