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Casa Valentina Explores The Men Beneath The Pearls And Lipstick At GableStage

Harvey Fierstein’s thought-provoking Casa Valentina play at GableStage explores is that sexuality as an infinitely varied stew of preferences, prejudices and other ingredients in varied measures

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Cock Takes Hard Look At Nature of Love; GableStage Production Rises to the Occasion

Sex, despite the title at GableStage, and despite the plot, is not what Cock is about. And guess what? It’s sexy. It’s very sexy. But this is a story about love, labels and the pressure society puts on persons to make decisions about both.

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Parade Productions’ Brooklyn Boy Is Mildly Funny, Mildly Moving But Flawed Evening

Avi Hoffman’s performance as a troubled writer, struggling to deal with success but escape his past, is one of the virtues in the promising but flawed inaugural offering from Parade Productions, a professional company performing in Mizner Park. There’s a lot of talent here working very hard, but not a lot of electricity emanating from the elegiac, mildly funny, mildly moving tale.

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Priming the Play: The Furious Competition that Fuels Red

In a play comprised primarily of complex insights articulated at the audience for nearly 90 minutes, what many people remember most about GableStage’s production of Red is a scene without words.

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GableStage’s Red Explores the Nature of Artistic Creation

By Bill Hirschman One of the few unspoken tenets of painter Mark Rothko’s cosmology in John Logan’s play Red is that creating art is the highest and holiest purpose of human life. In GableStage’s fine edition, Rothko struts and strides …

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