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  A Rock Sails By lands at Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre

By Raquel V. Reyes A Rock Sails By is a star vehicle for Laura Turnbull, the actor playing the lead role of astrophysicist Dr. Lynn Cummings in the drama running through June 9 at the Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle …

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Take Ride of Beloved Musical, Dark Themes on Wick’s Carousel

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel is inarguably a beloved masterpiece musical at the Wick, but if it has been a while since you’ve seen this musical, don’t expect just a happy circus full of love and laughs. Rather, be prepared for inclusion of domestic abuse, robbery, , and the loss of a parent, with some inarguably toe-tapping production numbers thrown in for good measure.

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Wick’s Fiddler Suffused With Joy, Sadness & Memorable Tevye

the Wick has been trying for 10 years to acquire the rights to stage Fiddler. Well, the time has finally arrived. But tickets may be hard to obtain; Fiddler on the Roof is an immensely popular show. A large, talented cast of performers, several of them recognizable faces from other South Florida theater productions, invests the Wick’s mounting with joy and sadness.

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Wick’s Million Dollar Quartet Is Still Worth Every Penny

As the Wick Theatre’s electric production of Million Dollar Quartet powers through the last four numbers, it’s easy to imagine that the sun never sets anywhere in the world where this musical isn’t playing. This current visit of Elvis, Carl, Johnny, and Jerry Lee is just as rousing as you remember from its opening blast of “Blue Suede Shoes.”

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Wick Cinderella Is a 21st Century Reboot of the Classic

Charm bubbles throughout the Wick Theatre’s lush production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, a very 21st Century riff on the classic musical that can legitimately be promoted as entertaining for the whole family. The original beloved score is beautifully enhanced with new orchestrations, but don’t go expecting Hammerstein’s fairy tale script that you may have seen with Julie Andrews or Lesley Ann Warren.

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Can’t Tell You Why, But Savor ‘Now and Then’ When You Can

I am begging every critic colleague, everyone who has seen Actors’ Playhouse’s Now and Then to NOT give away anything! One of the many pleasures in this drama laced with humor is watching the story unfold bit by bit, knowing something is going on underneath but enjoying how layers are peeled away by a quartet of superb actors and director.

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Murder on the Orient Express Reimagined as Comic Trip

Do not go to Actors’ Playhouse’s Murder on the Orient Express expecting the grim locked-room mystery at the heart of the films or the novel. This 2017 edition is penned by the playwright of Lend Me A Tenor. If you can wipe the tone of those earlier efforts from your mind, you will likely find yourself chuckling much of the night at these theater veterans turn the Christie classic into a cute, often quite funny two-hour comedy sketch.

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Slow Burn Gives New Life To Matilda Musical

Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Matilda is a lesson in theater education, showing how a regional director takes a successful Broadway show and road tour and makes it his own highly entertaining production that showcases many homegrown talents from South and Central Florida.

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Industrious Maltz Sinks Teeth Into Hoary Dracula Comedy

In the prologue of Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of Dracula: A Comedy of Terrors, the actors literally throw out the book—chucking their musty copies behind them with the satisfaction of college graduates tossing their caps. And besides, they add, they want to get us all out of here within 90 minutes—an admirable goal for many new plays and, in this case, a small mercy.

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Pull The Wig Down Off The Shelf With Slow Burn’s Hedwig

Slow Burn Theatre hembraces this glam/grunge rock musical headlined by a protagonist who suffered a botched sex-change operation. It’s an in-your-face raunchy celebration of alternative sexuality, a show that recognizes absolutely no bounds and revels in it.

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