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M Ensemble’s Seven Guitars Is Virtually Music As Theater

In the current production of The M Ensemble Company, August Wilson’s legendary Seven Guitars almost plays like a musical or a folk opera akin to Porgy and Bess or Floyd Collins.

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Volcanic Ethan Henry Erupts In M Ensemble’s The Piano Lesson

Imagine white water rapids raging past you; now imagine the liquid is molten lava – a heedless force of nature threatening to destroy everything. Such images are the by-product of watching the incomparable Ethan Henry bringing one of August Wilson’s tragic heroes to three-dimensional life in M Ensemble’s The Piano Lesson.

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August Wilson’s Fences Is Moving But Not Volcanic Edition

The power of storytelling – swapping tales on the porch or watching a familial drama unfold on stage – is the keystone of AAPACT’s production of August Wilson’s Fences. The earnest edition noticeably lacks the Shakespearean power of other productions, but the accretion of calamities grows through its second act until the audience is moved by the tragedy.

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M Ensemble’s ‘Radio Golf’ Is On-Par Perfect

M Ensemble moved into the performance space last June, and makes good use of the comfortable black-box theater for the first presentation of its 40th anniversary season, August Wilson’s Radio Golf.

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Theater Shelf: New Book Examines August Wilson’s Pittsburgh

A new book serves a sort of tourist guide through the real locations in Pittsburgh that correlate to the scenes in August Wilson’s plays.

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