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Women’s Journey Is Familiar in Stage Door’s From Door to Door

From Door to Door, a bittersweet comedy retracing the evolution of Jewish-American womanhood through 65 years of the 20th Century, is a procession of clichés spread over 80 minutes. But if the current production at Broward Stage Door doesn’t have much vibrancy or energy, it admirably underscores that beneath tropes lies truth.

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Victor/Victoria Is Two Times The Fun With Emphasis On Antics

There’s more than a bit of Noel Coward running through Broward Stage Door Theatre’s Victor/Victoria. It’s what makes this production tick, a true understanding, and might we say, appreciation of the slapstick foundation of the 1995 Broadway musical version of Blake Edward’s 1982 movie.

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Minnie’s Boys Is Old School Musical Of The Marx Brothers

Minnie’s Boys is a light comic highly homogenized version of how stage mother Minnie Marx utzed, kvetched and kibbitzed her five sons to transform from a doomed vaudeville singing group to, well, The Marx Brothers.

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Swing! Swing! Swing! Revue Returns To Broward Stage Door

The skill, power and imagination that Kevin Black, Ben Bagby and their colleagues have invested make Swing! Swing! Swing! as good or better than any other revue that Broward Stage Door has produced. back in time.

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Rites of Passage Pass Very Rapidly In Stage Door’s The Bris, The Bar Mitzvah And Beyond

Broward Stage Door’s The Bris, The Bar Mitzvah and Beyond is an amusing afternoon mixing early Neil Simon-Woody Allen humor with serious issues ranging from father-son relationships to parenting to the unique demands of Jewish tradition. But for much of the show, everything races by like a freight train running a half-hour behind schedule.

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Maltz, Slow Burn, Broward Stage Door Start Rolling Out Their 2017-2018 Theater Seasons

Turn of the century newsboys cavorting in Jupiter, Tarzan swinging across a Fort Lauderdale stage and Tony Manero swiveling his hips in Margate — the 2017-2018 season for South Florida theater promises a cornucopia of visuals not often seen on local stages.

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Gorgeous Music Elevates Stage Door’s The Most Happy Fella

Some directors say if you cast a show well, you’re more than halfway home to a successful production. So while the acting is just barely adequate in Broward Stage Door’s The Most Happy Fella, have they ever casted the voices beautifully and that makes for some stirring satisfying moments well worth the ticket.

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Stage Door’s “Vegas: Night On The Strip” Is Blazing Revue

It won’t be hard for patrons to locate Broward Stage Door’s newest revue, Vegas: A Night on the Strip. All they have to do is look for the flames from the three-alarm fire as the production burns down the house.

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Sweet Charity’s Optimistic Hope Is A Strange Fit For This Week

Sweet Charity is a fundamentally flawed showcase that virtually no one has ever pulled off satisfyingly, but Broward Stage Door director Michael Leeds makes a solid enough stab at it that a receptive undemanding audiences won’t mind having spent a few hours in its pleasant company.

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Stage Door’s The Rothschilds Entertains But Does Not Reach Potential To Stir The Heart

The Broward Stage Door Theatre production of the 1970 musical The Rothschilds, about the famed family’s rise from the German ghetto to become on the wealthiest families in the world, is a reasonably diverting afternoon of theater worth a look at a show rarely produced, but its ultimate potential seems just a few steps out of reach.

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